Arguments Against a Special Counsel per DOJ:

  • Like a federal prosecutor, a special counsel in the Department of Justice can’t bring a case before a court unless its investigators find evidence of a crime.
  • Special counsel investigators are usually FBI.  If the special counsel agrees that there is a conflict of interest in bringing FBI investigators into the fold it would have to select a different team of investigators to aide in the case.
  • The special counsel could use the Post Master General or the DEA but those investigators would be far behind the DOJ’s Inspector General investigators, who have already been working on the cases.
  • Federal prosecutors, special counsels, and those attorneys working with them do not “conduct” investigations. DOJ officials told me that the process is much like the TV show law and order where law enforcement brings evidence of a crime and then the prosecutor puts together a case to be brought before the court.
  • The DOJ Inspector General is an independent office that investigates possible violations of criminal and civil law by employees of the FBI and its own department.
  • The Inspector General reports to the Attorney General and to Congress.
  • The IG’s Investigations Division Special Agents develop cases for criminal prosecution, civil or administrative action.
  • Inspector General’s office acts similar to the FBI in that it has the authority to investigate wrongdoing and collect evidence.
  • The Inspector General has the power to subpoena and present cases for criminal prosecution to the Attorney General.

Arguments For a Special Counsel, per Congressional Members:

  • An independent arbiter because the FBI and DOJ cannot investigate themselves.
  • Any criminal referral from the Inspector General will go to Attorney General Jeff Sessions for prosecution and he has not made clear the scope of his involvement in the cases.
  •  Republicans and some senior government officials say there is no rational argument for letting current Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who was the former head of the FBI, expand his special counsel investigation. It won’t work because of Mueller, as the former director of the FBI, is conflicted out.
  • Robert Mueller’s investigation crosses into the territory of the unsubstantiated and salacious dossier, he is after all supposed to be investigating alleged collusion between Russia and President Trump. And he’s reportedly using the unverified dossier crafted by former British spy Christopher Steele in his investigation. A dossier, which Steele, told the British courts is not verified.
  • Mueller has close previous working relationships with many of the same players he would be investigating. For example, former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, former FBI Director James Comey, to name two.
  • The American public won’t buy into an investigation by Mueller, the DOJ or FBI.
  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions has never clearly stated where his recusal begins and ends.
  • A second special counsel needs to come from outside Washington D.C. with its own team of impartial, hand selected investigators.

A second special counsel might investigate any or all of the following: possible criminal violations by senior FBI and DOJ officials in obtaining a warrant to spy on a former Trump campaign volunteer, the bureau’s handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server to send classified information and whether senior Obama administration officials, including the president, were aware of the use of the unverified dossier to open an investigation into the Trump campaign and possible Russian collusion.

“You need an independent arbiter, and the Department of Justice cannot investigate itself”

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC)


The investigations could also be conducted by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who is expected to conclude his much-anticipated report into the FBI’s handling of the Clinton server investigation in the next several weeks and who Attorney General Jeff Sessions has asked to investigate possible FISA warrant abuse against Carter Page, who briefly volunteered for the Trump campaign in 2016.

Republicans, however, are not satisfied and are now pushing Sessions, who is recused from the Russia investigation, to appoint a special counsel. DOJ officials are arguing against it, telling this reporter that Horowitz and his team can conduct the unbiased investigation and refer potential people to the DOJ for criminal prosecution.

The situation can be confusing to anyone outside Washington D.C. One Republican congressional member, who spoke on background, questioned, “how long will it take for Horowitz to investigate and if he does make a criminal referral for prosecution, it will have to go back to Sessions, who apparently has recused himself from all matters Russia and apparently everything else. I don’t see how we have any choice but to get a second special counsel.”

AG Jeff Sessions

Rep. Jim Jordan, R- Ohio, who has proposed the idea for a special counsel since last year, said although he “wishes there was another way around it, there appears to be no other course of action.”

“I think Sessions needs to appoint a second special counsel and they need to be somebody from outside the swamp, like a retired judge, someone that can select his or her own team of investigators,” said Jordan. “I don’t see any other course of action that would be acceptable to anybody involved, including Republicans, Democrats and the American people.”

Five days ago, President Trump called out Sessions for his decision to turn over the investigation into possible abuse by the FBI when it sought a warrant to spy on Page from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the most secretive court in the United States with the authority to grant warrants to surveil Americans.

Sessions stated in a response to Trump, “we have initiated the appropriate process that will ensure complaints against this Department will be fully and fairly acted upon if necessary. As long as I am the Attorney General, I will continue to discharge my duties with integrity and honor, and this Department will continue to do its work in a fair and impartial manner according to the law and Constitution.

And it may be that there are already investigations ongoing inside the DOJ that the public is unaware of. Several

“The IG can only really investigate the people who are there (under his authority) but not the people who have left”

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL)

government officials who have defended Sessions said that any ongoing investigations requested by Congress if they exist, would not be leaked or discussed publicly.

However, there may be clues. In a Nov. 13, 2017 letter to House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-VA, Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd told congressional members that the DOJ had appointed senior prosecutors who would report “directly to the Attorney General and the Deputy Attorney General, as appropriate, and will make recommendations as to whether any matters not currently under investigation should be opened, whether any matters currently under investigation, require further resources, or whether any matters merit the appointment of a Special Counsel.”

DOJ officials could not comment on whether or not these prosecutors assigned by Sessions last year have uncovered any wrongdoing or what specifically the prosecutors were currently investigating. Boyd’s letter did stress that all congressional requests from the approval to grant Russia the sale of the Canadian firm Uranium One, which at the time had access to 20 percent of American mining rights, and requests for investigations into FISA abuse were being looked into.

Trey Gowdy

But for Jordan and many other Republicans, the deafening silence out of DOJ is difficult to understand. And now many lawmakers are asking Sessions to do what he is apparently fighting against and appoint a new special counsel.

For the first time, Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-SC, told Fox News “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria  Bartiromo, “you need an independent arbiter, and the Department of Justice cannot investigate itself.”

“Horowitz is a fair guy, but when there are two dozen witnesses that have left the department or worked for another agency, someone else has to do it and I am reluctant to call for special counsel, but I think it may be unavoidable in this fact pattern,” Gowdy said.

Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Florida, is also calling for a second special counsel and echoed Gowdy in a call with this reporter Monday, saying “the IG can only really investigate the people who are there (under his authority) but not the people who have left.”

So far, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes, R-CA, has not weighed in on whether or not he believes the appointment of a special counsel is necessary to investigate many of the same issues his committee is looking into. Some congressional members, who spoke to this reporter, say it’s only a matter of time before Nunes joins the chorus of Republicans demanding the investigation.

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  1. Sessions is a deep swamp dwellers & need to be replaced by someone from outside Washington.

  2. Sara we all know what a great job your doing but, Jeff Sessions is a major part of this problem we can talk all we want, we all know that this is a witch hunt but nothing is going to happen until the AG GETS HIS HEAD OUT OF HIS ASS. Rod Roseinstein is wagging his tail and Jeff Sessions is afraid of him.

  3. Nothing will happen. We live in a police state where the state protects its own. Sessions is either a blithering idiot who cannot find a coherent thought. Or, he is probably a part of it, being compromised by the police state which gas dirt in him.

    Wake up people…it’s over. The police state is now fully in control because people like Jeff Sessions, and those like him, are much more enamored with their position instead of doing what’s right. To do what is right would be to upend the entire political/investigative state. It will NEVER happen. When you have IRREFUTABLE PROOF that classified emails were exchanged on a private, non governmental server and nothing happens; there is your answer. It’s over.

  4. And one more thing…how many of these, ‘this is it!!! They can’t hide this one…’ and every single time…NOTHING happens.

    We could have an email from Obama to Hillary with a cc to Comey and McCabe telling them to monitor all Trump communications and report anything to the Clinton campaign…NOTHING would happen. Why? 2 reasons. 1. The Nazi propaganda machine, otherwise known as the media. 2. The Republicans are a bunch of weak kneed, spineless, gutless wimps. They will never fight.

  5. Saw Sara on Hannity tonight talking about his article. My opinion is that there has to be a special counsel because this hoax involves so many players in and out of government that the FBI IG has no access to, he can’t interview the people in the state department. Besides if you worked for government you know how these IG Investigations go. Unless they are out to get you it is like: “Hey Joe what’s up, they got me looking into this FISA thing you know anything about it.”
    I think this whole Tump Russia hoax was conceived and implemented by people in Obama State Department, Intelligence, Dept. of Justice, Fusion GPS with partners in the media. Media players briefed by Steele and Fusion GPS: (From DailyCaller Chuck Ross) The New York Times, The Washington Post, Yahoo! News, The New Yorker and CNN and Mother Jones. Trying to figure out this cast of characters is nuts.
    You would think a news outlet would get a few investigative reporters to lay this all out for us. I got a little bit from just reading articles on the web. Got a lot from Sara Carter but seems she just looks at the intelligence agency and FBI part. Classic can’t see the forest for the trees. Looks like a bunch of Friends of Hillary and Democrats in and out of government were feeding each other info and coordinating activities. Looks like Steele was running the op to get the FBI investigation going. Looks like Fusion was running the media side of it. Other players were brought in as needed, like Ohr at the Justice dept. and the state dept., to help prop up the dossier by feeding the dossier info so FBI would have another source to help get FISA warrant. You would think there is enough information in public that a good reporter and couple of researchers could reconstruct how Fusion GPS and Steele pulled this off. They should be able to list a lot of the players and the part they played as well as the ones in the know. Like Secretary of State John Kerry was in the know but he probably didn’t do anything.
    Looks like the FBI got played by Steele or were players themselves. I think they are so many people in and out of government that are involved, that either participated in or knew about it, congressmen from Senators such as Reed and McCain, to maybe even Obama that Sessions probably is delusional and thinks he is protecting our Democracy because if the full extent of this ever gets out, people will lose all faith in the government. ALL of this will be buried and the only way to make sure it stays buried is for Mueller to find something on Trump.
    I made notes from articles I read on the internet and watching news trying to figure out the players and how they did it, I gave up. Got this far:
    March 29, 2016: Manafort joins the Trump campaign to help wrangle delegates for the July convention. Tump won the primary in July and Manafort resigned in August after media reported about his work in Ukraine.
    Over at the State Department, Victoria Nuland: the top State Department official charged with overseeing U.S. policy toward Russia, was franticly telling anyone in the Obama administration who would listen that Russia was interfering in the election. In 2014, She had been in Kiev, frantically working behind the scenes to put in place a new governing coalition in Ukraine as it teetered on the brink of revolution against its Russia-backed leader, Viktor Yanukovych (the same Yanukovych, it should be noted, who was being advised at the time by future Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort). Nuland said she was familiar with Steele’s work through regular reports he had passed on to her office over the previous several years dealing with political maneuverings in Russia and Ukraine (The Global POLITICO article)
    Nuland’s buddy, Jonathan Winer, a former U.S. deputy assistant secretary of state and former Libya special envoy was busy getting info from Sidney Blumenthal, Cody Shearer and sending to Christopher Steele and passing Steele’s info to Nuland and the FBI.
    Christopher Steele was passing the dossier to Fusion GPS, FBI and Winer at the state dept. Seems someone was also briefing the media and probably Democrats in senate and house, they know Brennan, CIA director, briefed Harry Reed. Sure Fusion was briefing DNC and Hillary
    IN October the FBI got the FISA warrant.
    Candidate Trump’s 2 foreign policy advisors linked to Russia
    George Papadopoulos, a 2009 graduate of DePaul University, directs an international energy center at the London Center of International Law Practice. He previously advised the presidential campaign of Ben Carson and worked as a research fellow at the Hudson Institute, a conservative think tank in Washington. During a night of heavy drinking at an upscale London bar in May 2016, George Papadopoulos, a young foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign, made a startling revelation to Australia’s top diplomat in Britain, Alexander Downer : Russia had political dirt on Hillary Clinton.
    About Mr. Downer , from the by Tyler Durden: “Smith names several key figures in his complaints of malfeasance, including Bill and Hillary Clinton and multiple Australian government officials – including senior diplomat Alexander Downer, whose conversation with Trump aide George Papadopoulos that Russia had ‘dirt’ on Hillary Clinton allegedly launched the Trump-Russia investigation (as opposed to the Fusion GPS dossier, of course). Smith claims the foundation received a “$25M financial advantage dishonestly obtained by deception” as a result of actions by Bill Clinton and Downer, who was then Australia’s minister of foreign affairs. Also included in the Smith materials are evidence he believes shows “corrupt October 2006 backdating of false tender advertisements purporting to advertise the availability of a $15 million contract to provide HIV/AIDS services in Papua New Guinea on behalf of the Australian government after an agreement was already in place to pay the Clinton Foundation and/or associates.”-Lifezette
    Carter Paige
    From the Dailycaller by Chuck Ross: “How Page made his way onto the Trump campaign has lately been a source of growing intrigue. The former Merrill Lynch banker, who has an office in a building next to Trump Tower, has refused to discuss the matter publicly. He dismissed questions about it during interviews this week with CNN’s Jake Tapper and ABC’s George Stephanopoulos… Page officially left the campaign in September amid growing questions about his ties to Russia. In July, he traveled to Moscow to speak at a ceremony for the New Economic School. While in the Russian capital, Page met Russia’s deputy prime minister, Arkady Dvorkovich… FBI and Justice Department officials sought the warrant only after Page separated from the campaign, The New York Times reported on Wednesday. The officials waited to seek the warrant in order to not be seen as intervening in the presidential campaign, sources told The Times…. The warrant application cited a 2013 attempt made by a Russian espionage ring in New York City to recruit Page. Three spies who were working under cover, met with Page and discussed their recruitment attempts. One of the spies called Page an “idiot” who was motivated by money, a sealed January 2015 FBI affidavit states. BuzzFeed News first reported the affidavit earlier this month.” Paige cooperated with the FBI and helped them convict the Russian spies
    I think Carter Paige was a possible FBI informant. They pulled him out when they couldn’t get a FISA warrant on George Papadopoulos then used him to get the warrant.
    The FISA warrant allows them to search the NSA database, which saves 5 years of data. They used Paige as the key to get in. Once in the database they can search 3 degrees from Paige which would easily capture everyone in the trump campaign. ALL this info on the NSA can be found with a search on Google, I learned about 3 degrees from watching a congressional hearing on c-span. FBI doesn’t care about Paige, they kept renewing that warrant, until Mueller took over, so they could have access to the NSA database. Be nice if Rep. Numes could get the database search querys that were based on the Paige FISA warrant released.

  6. Here’s a radical idea, Trump puts together his own team with his own hand selected people from outside of government to investigate, deputizes them and gives them full discretion to tear the DoJ and FBI apart for any violations of law. He directs Sessions to immediately act upon any findings and should he not act, he and the top four levels of DoJ will all be fired on the spot, regardless of how good or bad they may be.

    The fact is, until we get investigations by unbiased people without their hands already in government, it doesn’t matter whom investigates this from within the government, we can be assured of 2 things……. it will take far longer than it should, and cost ten times as much as it should.

  7. Dear ara:
    Thank you for your tireless hard wiek in bringing all facts for consideration to forefront. Tend to agree w/ thoughts of 2nd special council to investigate this entire mess..not looking foreword to long time before answers, but Americans need answers to all bull_*** going on. Keep moving forward!!

  8. Sadly your comments are spot on. We have been watching this charade for over a year and all it has done is make us numb to the corruption in our government and media. Clear crimes by dems are whitewashed and jay walking by the trump admin is investigated as a major conspiracy. The best evidence we are past the point of no return is strok is still working at the fbi despite his outrageous behavior and texts. That scum is not even fired yet we expect the doj to prosecute Hillary? Depressing as all hell. I’ve just grown numb to watching Sara and Hannity expose crime after crime and wake up and nothing is done and the msm is only crying Russia russia.

  9. Nothing intelligent ever came from Alexander Downer. Sessions is running the clock out for the Clintons hoping for a Dumocrrat victory later 2018. Swamp dwelling, botttom suckking klutz!!

  10. I favor that idea, however, consider that Ryan and McConnell are poised to attack Trump on any action he takes.

  11. Despite all of the discussion and rationalization, the reason to has a special counsel is simple – Sessions has not followed his oath, and committed an incredible act of betrayal on the president.

  12. I think this is a major error, to consider that Sessions can change. He is deep in the coverup conspiracy. The Left and the deep state must be delighted at Sessions, he greatly exceeded their expectations, he provided excellent cover for the conspirators under the guise of a loyal Trump supporter. Sessions flaunts his defiance of the president because the senate has his back as he praises Rosenstein. Sessions is the worst kind of betrayer.

  13. Considering the number of former administrative officials that broke the law, the illegal activity was revealed through sworn testimony, and nothing was done, or being done, it’s obvious the United States now has a totalitarian government. The rights of the citizens are gone, the government employees can break law with impunity, and those supposedly responsible for law enforcement are part of the subterfuge.

    I don’t know what Trump is thinking, but it’s become obvious he’s part of the problem and not part of the solution. He has the power to change this situation, and tweeting isn’t making the changes happen.

  14. Why can’t the Inspector General work with the US Marshall in a joint task force? That way the wheel is not reinvented and you get the subpoena power needed.

  15. I like your idea and agree completely.
    If I were a multi-billionaire intent on “draining the swamp”, I’d have formed one or two international groups of investigators a couple of years before running for office. I would also have an inside team of a very few people who, for one reason or another, I KNOW I could trust with my life. Those few would be positioned to gain access to the needed highly classified files. As a Billionaire, I could easily, legally, buy all that.
    That would ensure that I stayed many steps ahead of the criminals presently in office.

  16. Great reporting and Investigating Sara,
    We love watching you on Hannity along with John, you guys are doing the job that should be done by Law-Enforcement and Republications, but it’s looking like there’s a lot of politicians in the Swamp, both Dems and Reps.
    Keep doing what you’re doing and by the Grace of God, these Criminals will be exposed.

  17. Downer just happened to be in a bar with Papo? I don’t believe in coincidences. And who (what Russian) fed Papo the Hillary dirt anyway? This was just a setup, imo, on both counts. Strzok’s first CI op most likely. The insurance policy.

  18. I’d like to advance a theory that I’ve been evolving in response to much of the criticism of Jeff Sessions, which has been coming from the right. I too have been extremely critical of the Attorney General in the past, speculating even as to his motives and integrity. Finding myself unable to comprehend, or construct any credible explanation and frustrated by so much obvious and blatant criminality going unchallenged, I found myself swinging wildly into conspiracy in search of an explanation.

    I am lately of a different opinion and have come to believe I was wrong. My own fears, frustrations and ignorance of the proper workings of the law and the even larger world of government had allowed me to conjure a totally unfounded and cynical interpretation of reality. As it now appears and for whatever it may be worth coming from such an unreliable source such as myself, Attorney General Sessions appears to have positioned himself with regards to the issue of governmental misconduct exactly as he should, which is to say professionally, impersonally, and largely unseen. His is a posture of impartial, legal integrity and rigid professionalism and all of it assumed quite by design, informed by his own character, knowledge and experience.

    Allow me to elaborate on my new understanding. As Attorney General, Mr. Sessions is directing the law in response to events, which are outside of his control. As they unfold in the due course of discovery and disclosure, which necessarily translates into a timely and measured approach, all things will then follow within the fullness of the law. His was a correct appraisal from the very first, an astute, seasoned and mature judgment and most importantly perhaps, from a political perspective the correct strategy.

    Just imagine the partisan, Congressional uproar amplified ad naseum by the establishment media, if either the President, or the Attorney General had attempted under the independent authority of their own offices to clean out these Augustan stables of executive privilege and criminal over reach. Actually, there is hardly any need to imagine anything as we can plainly see it currently playing out all around us. The crucial difference is that now, with this proper, strategic and quite unassailable procedural and legalistic approach, political criticism doesn’t resonate outside of Democratic, partisan circles no matter how much histrionic hyperbole, hysterical rant and rave, or delusional declarations may be cast about.

    Precisely because of AG Session’s strict insistence on closely following prescribed, procedural law as opposed to placing himself in a more direct role of wheeling the law, which would allow the predictable opposition the opportunity of characterizing whatever legal action should emerge as a political tactic in pursuit of political objectives, whether legitimate, or not. Now, that response has been largely removed from any serious discussion, or consideration. Nonetleless, Democrats and their media continue to focus on discrediting various individuals and public officials to include: the President, AG Sessions and chairman Nunes. That’s a given.

    That’s straight out of their play book, “The politics of Personal Destruction.” Of course, they will continue to make claims that these charges of wrong doing are really just political, just a device for the furtherance of the President’s Republican-Populist, political agenda. The main stream media is daily inundated with such sophomoric declarations, intimate suggestions and blatant accusations, but as Thomas Jefferson once instructed, “Let error of opinion be tolerated where reason is free to combat it.” Free speech is certainly a part of our social contract, but the media’s credibility isn’t.

    Factual reality can always be relied upon to assert itself. Facts, have been noted to be stubborn things and reality is seldom long mocked, or denied. Media criticism of the facts in service to establishment obfuscation of political corruption and constitutional impropriety and, or flagrant criminality continues to find it extremely difficult to pass through solid obstacles, or to gain much traction in the court of public opinion. Propaganda masking itself as news, or opinion journalism abounds everywhere arounds us. It attempts to shape public opinion, but it can not be made to stop the application of law.

    Process is now the driving wheel moving the inquiry forward in search of legal resolution and not people with political objectives. No one can claim otherwise and therein lies precisely, the Attorney General’s vision of how the law should work. The law applied with objectivity and fastidious attention to process yields unerring, dependable results. It may be a tedious, labor intensive and expensive process sure certain to try both patience and the checkbook, but it will unfailingly result in the exposure of unassailable truth. It will then follow as unavoidable that juries and officers of the court along with other legal authorities will administer justice as found by and prescribed under law.

    Those in the upper, management echelons of the FBI and DOJ and throughout the Obama Administration who have misused their authority to persue political objectives can not be very comfortable as they watch various the alternative avenues to escape routes such as legal loopholes and political, public opinion slamming shut on their crimes of malfeasance, duplicity and criminality.

  19. Hi Sara. Delighted to see you on the night shows. Trump interviewed so many candidates for AG, and then picked Session. What did he see in him?
    Sessions seems to have Rosenstein all over him. He is in the middle of a political crime greater than WaterGate, but he doesnt see
    nothing past the Rosenstein’s door. He should recuse himself totally out of his job and go home to Alabama.

  20. A bit confusing. I’ll ask two questions.

    1. If the IG finds likelihood that 100 crimes were committed, and hands his report and evidence to Sessions, what happens next? Does the AG file criminal charges?

    2. I think myself and many others misunderstood or received poor communication. I thought the IG was investigating MANY illegal acts, not just the Clinton email scandal. No one is investigating FISA abuse, unmasking abuse, Uranium One, FBI and DOJ collusion against the President?

    And one Tip.

    Sara, I have repeatedly heard and read that $12 Million was spent on the fabricated dossier, an astounding figure given its brevity and unpolished nature. (I’ve done some modest writing myself.) Where did that money go?? Follow the money. I’ve read Steele, a primary author, received $125,000-$150,000. Where did the remaining $11.85 Million go? I’m sure Hillary’s lawyer took a cut; is there a written agreement? The figure is so huge, I wonder if they routed money to themselves, the Ohrs, others to illegally grease the wheels?

    FYI, there was an experienced FBI official who retired when he saw how Hillary was being gjven a pass. A veteran pit bull, possibly out of New York. He left to work in the private sector, his name slips me now.

  21. I agree that Sessions has been a great disappointment and should go. My concern is that the Dems will drag their feet on confirming a replacement and Rod R. will be the acting AG. Of course he seems to be calling the shots now anyway, so maybe it doesn’t make any difference.

  22. Here’s where I disagree. For the last year I have been saying this phony investigation is part of a silent coup. If immediate action is not taken by Sessions to apponit a special prosecutor and the dems retake congress the investigation of Trump goes on and we never get any investigation of all the dem crimes. USA will be a banana republic. We’ll be done as a republic. The coup will have succeeded. No resistance to the coup will be tolerated by the deep state, dems, media, hollywood and academia. We will be shouted down and the slide to totalitarianism will continue.

  23. Sessions is dirty. He and Rosenstein are buddies or he most likely has his foot on Sessions telling him what to do. Deep State trash and Sessions is guilty.

  24. There is no question we need a special prosecutor and the IG is not close to enough. (We can’t trust the DOJ’s prosecutors. Remember how everyone told us how wonderful Comey is?)

    One of the many reasons is that only a special prosecutor can corner a lower conspirator and get them to tell the story of what really happened in a plea agreement. Not everything can be revealed through emails and text messages. The IG can get stonewalled because he can’t twist arms.

    Someone will be willing to tell the story of what happened. It might be Strzok’s girlfriend. It might be Steel. Someone will tell the story with a special prosecutor.

  25. Great job tonight, Sara A. Carter!

    Just a thought to keep in mind…

    “… and whether senior Obama administration officials, including the president, were aware of the use of the unverified dossier…”

    The same senior Obama administration officials, including the president, who introduced and distributed from the White House an unverified document image… a communication that provided a method for political campaign donations and campaign monies collected from the sale of the image on your very own coffee mug and/or t-shirt…
    11 CFR 300.2(m)… (1)(i)

    The Obama administration had experience with unverified materials…

  26. Sessions has fallen down too many times in the 13 months he has been AG. He is relying on Obama-era DOJ individuals to investigate people who are available to investigate (i.e., who haven’t left the service).

    I believe Sessions is a mole from the GOPe, and has swamp slime all over his privates parts. He is a denizen of the Deep, and not someone who has worked hard for the American People. As a senator he was somewhat useful to US, but he is a complete shibboleth as the top law enforcement individual.


  27. Appoint someone else as the Temporary AG and put him in place as Sessions leaves. To heck with Roddie, and let him steam, or better yet, resign, if his testicles get knotted any tighter.

  28. Good points. I think the @mlopez edifice is too complex and intricate to work. Plus, there is nothing that will be able to be done, when Ryan and McConnell refuse to do anything about any of the known and unknown illegalities that have occurred.

    Time has just about run out for the president, and from what I can see in Ohio and Wisconsin (two states I spend a lot of time in), there is much less focus and emotional anger that is available to spur a large conservative turnout like two years previous.

  29. All Trump saw was the first big governmental name to jump on board and give him support. Until people start doing things he doesn’t like, he will be loyal, then take away your clearance and then work the system so there is another ‘resignation.’ No prejudice there, though.

  30. sara, did I hear right that Steele never even went to Russia? So double-triple-quadruple hearsay was used as evidence? Do you happen to know whether the FISA court was informed of the hearsay evidence used in the dossier?

  31. My, oh my. All the outrage on this page shows that Hannity and Carter are certainly doing their job. They are inflaming an irrational outrage at conspiracy theories that can never be proven – or dis-proven. Golden ratings and lots of money for Fox News and the Murdochs. The swamp creatures? No one knows what that means – it just has ominous overtones of an international cabal of ‘globalists’ who run the whole world for their benefit. Sounds bad. Me, I’ll settle for worrying about the clear and present danger now manifesting in the white house. I sympathize with you commentators, though. Listening to the Hannity and Carter litany makes it sound like a terrible injustice is occurring – and no one is doing anything about it. No wonder you’re upset. Problem is, none of that is real. It’s not exactly ‘fake news’, there are some facts at the core – two FBI agents did email anti-Trump sentiments to each other. But to build that simple and every day occurrence into a vast global conspiracy to mount an investigation to take down a sitting president is magical and delusional. (Where is the search for and outrage about emails from pro-Trump agents – bound to be a far larger group? Should we search all emails from all FBI agents?) But the Mueller investigation exists because we know that the Russians meddled in our election, the Trump campaign benefited from that meddling, and there was lots of contact between Russia agents and Trump campaign agents during and after the campaign – along with a systematic attempt to deny that they took place. Was there criminal conspiracy high up in the campaign? Was there obstruction of justice? We don’t know – yet. Let’s wait to find out, not try to sully the reputation of the FBI and Justice Department – all under the leadership of lifelong Republicans, so no partisan witch hunt here. Hannity is a friend and advocate for Trump. So is Nunes. So everything they say is to be taken with the proverbial pound of salt, the protestations of an accused man and his minions under criminal investigation. Doesn’t make their statements false, just increases the burden of proof exponentially. And proof is dramatically lacking in all the charges being hurled about the dossier, the FISA warrant, the investigation, and therefore the role of the DOJ, AG and special counsel. Great storyline, to be sure. Tom Clancy would be proud. But hard, incontrovertible, systematic, step-by-step evidence like the kind Mueller is building in the Russian meddling case – it just doesn’t exist. Certainly not enough to spend precious DOJ resources on a spurious counter-investigation. Sessions is not my favorite AG either, but he is following the law – and the Constitution – as he sees fit, regardless of political and partisan consequences and pressures. That’s courage – and patriotism – in my book.

  32. You want outrage? Let me ask you a question. If no one thought Trump was going to win the election, including President Obama who knew about the Russia meddling with the election but only managed to avail himself to request Putin to “cut it out,” — then how come Hillary and the DNC spent $12 Million dollars so late in the campaign to get dirt on Trump? Has anyone ever wondered about that besides me?

    I mean, I mean Fusion GPS was hired in September 2015. That’s only a few months after the DNC emails were hacked. Get back to the time line. Remember, it was in summer of 2015 that the DNC emails were hacked, but only in March 2016 that they fessed up about it. Probably had to do something by September 2015 after the blackmail started coming in. They needed a scapegoat to cover up their campaign spend being used on blackmail money. You can’t really file an ethics commission report listing blackmail as a legitimate campaign expenditure can you? Ok – that’s all this is and was. Why was there no FBI review of their servers? DNC hired a private contractor instead to scrub them clean?

    Oh yea, getting back to Trump and my outrage. They perpetuated the largest fraud on the US Presidential electoral system with this bullshit blackmail/Russia collusion delusion. I am really outraged and I want this exposed! I demand the truth. If a bunch of FBI agents were snookered, then they should be as pissed off as I am. This is outrageous. They used Trump as the scapegoat to explain a campaign spend on blackmail. Didn’t expect he would win. IMO. Then it just amplified after the election. And they used faked information to get FISA warrants to spy on Trump? It is really bad. My guess is after Hillary won, they would have dropped their fabricated concocted bs story of Trump collusion after a few months. Like I said, no one thought he would win.

  33. Sara Carter and John Solomon two good examples that while it’s hard to compete and be successful as a legitimate journalist in the main stream media, if you’re willing to sell your soul and credibility to float and support any wacky wingnut theory or conspiracy you’ll always have a good paying job and lots of TV and radio time.

  34. If AG Sessions can’t see anything wrong, then he is part of the Swamp and needs to be fired, along with second in command Rob R who is also involved with Uranium 1 deal, by approving the Uranium deal to go through.
    Come on Jeff, just do the job President Trump choose you to do as AG of United States.

  35. I’m not sure why you feel compelled to write this type of article when your background demonstrates your lack of expertise in the subject matter.

  36. Those here who just cant seem to understand the mountain of evidence that exists regarding the FISA abuses and the involvement of the FBI and DOJ are truly delusional. I pray to God honestly that truth will shut the mouths of those who speak without knowledge and have too much faith in their Mainstream media machine actors. As americans anyone should be furious and terrified at these apparent abuses of our system and how close we came to a real authoritarian state had this all been swept under the rug by madam president. We are here for a reason and we must continue to fight against abuses of power. These truths we hold to be self evident…We push for legislation to correct for potential abuse by imtelligence angencies and those that could fall under politcal influence or we are no longer free or democratic in any way we are only a sham if we let this occur. Hating Trump will not make this go away. There is STILL NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER OF COLLUSION OF ANY KIND BUT THERE IS EVIDENCE OF POLITICAL COLLUSION AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF OUR INVESTIGATIVE AND JUSTICE INSTITUTIONS. THIS SHOULD SCARE YOU! REGARDLESS OF YOUR PATTY

  37. What if every matter of national security going forward were a Russian “matter”? What if every questionable incident of national concern prior to Trump was connected to Russia? Will Sessions have a job?

  38. As I see it, its an either or proposition:

    Either Trump and Sessions are working together to bring down the swamp with all of this drama a charade or Sessions is in bed with the people trying to bring Trump down. There is no in between.

    If Sessions was in Trump’s corner and there was no deal between Sessions and Trump to bring down the swamp, then Sessions should have resigned when it became clear he could no longer perform 100% as AG. He knew the battle that Trump would have against the swamp and without an AG that was 100% on board Trump’s chances of success would be and has been diminished significantly.

    So an honest person would of stepped down and let Trump appoint someone that could have his back.

    He didn’t step down. So he is either crooked or Trump and him are working together. And as time goes on its becoming less likely that they are working together. Although, it is not something that should be ruled out completely.

    Afterall, any conflict that Sessions has pales in comparison to Rosenstein if he signed off on one of the FISA warrants.

  39. Option 3: there is a Grand Jury eorking rigjt now, and we don’t know about it. Grand juries are secret.

  40. Couch potato and easy-chair TV lawyers do not know the internal details required for a logical recommendation. AG Sessions administers a department of hundreds of employees and a few thousand active cases. No details of which are know to “arm chair lawyers” who always “know what AG Sessions” should do immediately. The all get “maggies drawers”. Missed the target.

  41. drbh, but Federal Marshalls serve warrants on the home of an aging international businessman at the crack of dawn, confiscating potential evidence and computers.

    No lawyer here. But it sure smells. And I’m sure the $150 Million that went to the Clintons, and the spies who spent ovet $3.5 Million cozying up to her, was all coincidental.

  42. These people who sit in Judgement of Americans say, there must be a Crime first before Sessions can call for a Special Counsel.
    My question is, what Crime Warranted a Special Counsel into President Trumps Investigation?

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