Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Monday will present a drastically different foreign policy approach for his party, declaring the United States needs to get out of the business of armed regime change and nation building, Circa News has learned.

In a speech Monday afternoon in Youngstown, Ohio, Trump suggested three fundamental shifts in the strategy the U.S. has followed since launching the war on terror after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

Part 1: No more nation building

Among them he will call for the United States “to cease the practice of nation building and armed regime change at the point of a gun overseas,” a senior campaign advisor told reporters.

The goal, aides said, is to juxtapose the last eight years of President Barack Obama and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy with regard to terrorism.

“We’re going to work with anyone in the Middle East who is in agreement with us that ISIS needs to be extinguished because it threatens regional stability obviously for many different players in the Middle East,” said Stephen Miller, a senior campaign advisor for the Trump campaign.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a town hall event, Monday, Aug. 1, 2016, in Columbus, Ohio . (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

 Part 2: Immigration

Trump is also expected to reveal major changes with regard to immigration policy.
As for immigration, Trump will aim to persuade voters to look at current failed immigration policies that his advisors said, allow Islamic State militants, al-Qaeda and other terror groups to subvert the system, infiltrate refugees and place the national security of the American people at risk.

Anywhere we cannot perform adequate screening of individuals into this country, we’re going to stop issuing visas into those areas…

Trump campaign advisor

“Anywhere we cannot perform adequate screening of individuals into this country, we’re going to stop issuing visas into those areas until it is deemed safe to resume,” an advisor with direct knowledge of Trump’s speech said.

Trump will also argue that the current U.S. visa screening process needs to be revamped and deportations enforced on immigrants who violate the law. He will also propose the creation of a new immigration test for admission to the U.S. that would address beliefs that may contradict U.S. values, quality of life and human rights.

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Here’s Circa’s most recent interview with Trump.

Part 3: Security

And finally, he will address the nation’s general security with regard to cyberwarfare and cybersecurity.

Miller said Trump’s foreign policy “realism” approach represents a major shift in foreign policy of the United States.
Trump will argue that the nation needs to deal more aggressively with Iran in terms of economic sanctions and in an effort to prevent Iran from financing terror regimes in pockets throughout the world, said a campaign advisor on condition of anonymity.

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