Texas Governor: Biden ‘enriching’ the drug cartels

Greg Abbott
Sunday Morning Futures

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott visited the southern border last week and spoke with Border Patrol agents about the influx in illegal immigration and slammed the Biden administration for instituting policies that are “enriching” drug cartels.

Border Patrol officers told Abbott the “massive surge” in illegal immigration was caused by the policy change of the Biden administration and warned that it will get “far worse” in the coming months.

Abbott said that Border Patrol officers told him that there was a total of 90,000 apprehensions in the Rio Grande sector in 2020. According to the officers, there has already been about 110,000 apprehensions in the Rio Grande Valley Sector this year.

Of the 110,000 apprehensions this year, 800 were criminal aliens who had previously been arrested and deported, 78 sex offenders and 62 gang members, which include MS-13 gangs, Abbott said.

“The Biden open border policy is inviting even more illegal immigration and actually have created this humanitarian crisis,” Abbott told Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” host Maria Bartiromo.

Operation Lone Star was launched in Texas to mitigate the surge in illegal immigration and cartel smuggling. According to Abbott, the operation deploys National Guard and Texas Department of Public Safety officers to help fill in the gaps along the border to prevent the cartels from smuggling illegal drugs and migrants.

Bartiromo asked if the new operation was putting Border Patrol agents in harm’s way.

“Our Border Patrol agents are being putting in harm’s way in several ways,” Abbott responded.

Abbott said that Border Patrol agents were not being protected from the coronavirus because the Biden administration was not providing COVID-19 vaccines to the agents.

“Because of my public outcry when I was down on the border, now, finally, the Biden administration has changed gears and they are doing exactly what I called for and that is providing the border patrol with the vaccines they need because they are exposed to everybody coming across the border.”

Abbott confirmed that many migrants crossing the Texas border are infected with COVID-19. Abbott said he was unable to provide data on how many migrants were infected with coronavirus because the Biden administration has “refused and failed” to release those numbers.

“I am expecting answers from the Biden administration immediately this week,” Abbott said. “We need the total number of migrants who have been apprehended at the border who have tested positive for COVID-19. The state of Texas is responsible for fully reporting out anybody in our state who has COVID-19.”

“We expect that data and we expect the Biden administration to step up and assist the state of Texas in being able to respond to the imported challenge, imported only because of the change in policies by the Biden administration.”

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