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Texas DPS Lt. Chris Olivarez: Border Chaos Is ‘A Threat to National Security’



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Sara welcomes Lt. Chris Olivarez of the Texas Department of Public Safety to discuss the increasingly difficult job of trying to protect the United States in spite of President Biden’s open borders policies. Olivarez warns us of the massive national security threat posed by the 800,000 people who have entered the U.S. during the Biden administration without being apprehended by authorities at the border. These ‘gotaways’ are flooding into the U.S. and we have no idea who they are.

Sara and Olivarez also fume over the impending punishment of multiple Customs and Border Patrol agents who were cleared of any wrongdoing in the “whipping” incident that never actually happened – but are still being reprimanded so Biden can save face for promising that “they will pay.”

And Sara cheers the historic congressional win of Mayra Flores, while pointing out that Democrats have badly miscalculated what Latino voters want.

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Sara Carter Discusses White House Doxing of Troops with Retired Special Operator Husband




In a riveting turn of events, President Biden’s quest for a compelling photo opportunity with some of America’s most elite warriors has inadvertently unleashed a wave of peril that threatens the lives and well-being of those tier-one military operatives and their families.

Picture this: Biden, on a diplomatic visit to Israel, seizes an opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder with the fearless members of the U.S. Army’s legendary Delta Force. It’s a powerful moment, but what happened next sent shockwaves through the defense community.

With an eagerness to gain public approval, White House officials eagerly released the photograph without obscuring the faces or tattoos of these elite soldiers beside the President. Unbelievably, this unredacted image remained online for a mere hour, but it was enough to shatter the cloak of anonymity that these special operators hold so dear.

The repercussions are profound, for these unsung heroes live their lives with an acute understanding of the dangers they face daily. They maintain a discreet public profile, well aware that their adversaries might stop at nothing to harm them or their loved ones if their identities were ever revealed.

Today, prepare to be moved, as Sara is joined by her husband, Marty, a dedicated veteran Delta Force who valiantly fought terrorists in the heart of Afghanistan, even though it cost him his sight. Together Sara and Marty share their intimate insights into the grave consequences of this careless move, one that has indelibly impacted the safety and peace of mind of those who’ve sworn to protect our nation and the ones they hold dear.

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