Texas AG says the Biden administration is ‘on the side of the cartels’ when it comes to the border crisis

By Jenny Goldsberry

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton appeared on the Sara Carter Show podcast Friday to talk immigration. He says the border crisis has become a fight between him and his own country’s government.

Carter was in Texas last week reporting on the increasing crisis at the border. She saw firsthand all that Texas officials are doing to mitigate the immigration tsunami and the national security implications that come with it.

According to Paxton, if Texas officials, didn’t step up, no one else would.

“Not only are we fighting illegal immigration and the cartels,” Paxton said, “but we’re fighting the Biden administration.” Instead of lending a hand to the Lone Star state, “They’re on the side of the cartels literally helping them to transport human beings into our state.”

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As a result, the attorney general admits he’s afraid of his own federal government. “Look, I’ve never been more afraid of our own government than I am right now. I’ve never been more afraid of law enforcement,” Paxton told Carter. “These are people that we expect to hold to a very high standard, whether it’s whether it’s you know, the FBI or the CIA, these national federal organizations have become very political.”

Paxton’s solution is to speak out against the administration via lawsuits. “We are definitely in the fight with the Biden administration. We have 11 lawsuits right now, that’s in the first six months of his administration,” Paxton said. “They matter because we have to fight, we have to hold them accountable for violating federal law, for not following the President’s constitutional duty.”

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