May 7, 2020

Texas AG On Decision To Jail Salon Owner: ‘It feels more like China than America’

The Attorney General of Texas Ken Paxton is demanding the “immediate release” of a jailed salon owner who kept her business open during the state’s stay at home order so she could ‘feed her children.’ The decision to keep Shelley Luther, owner of Dallas’ Salon A La Mode, in jail for seven days as jails across the state release inmates amid coronavirus fears makes this country ‘feel more like China than America,’ Paxton told Fox New’s host Laura Ingraham Wednesday night.

He added, “… they’re releasing potentially thousands of convicted felons because they’re worried about them getting this virus. And, for some reason, they’re not worried about her, a woman who’s just trying to do her job?”

In Texas, there are currently 15,852 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and 948 people have died statewide. Expressing sympathy for the victims of the virus, Paxton explained that the State has been diligent to ensure the public health of its citizens, while still allowing them to make a living.

Luther remains in jail and faces thousands of dollars in fines from the state. Many, however, are standing up to the judge who sentenced her and are demanding her release. A GoFundMe page was set up to support her and has already raised over 400,000.