Texas Senator Ted Cruz weighed in on Fox News’s ‘The Story’, on the showdown over impeachment witnesses in Senate trial.

“Unlike the House, who had month and month of [impeachment] proceedings, it has been a one sided circus,” said Ted Cruz. “The good news is that the Senate will do a much better job, to have a fair process. We are going to give both sides, a full and fair opportunity to present their case, and we will going to decide the case according to law. We are going to follow dues process.”

“What does that mean for [impeachment trial] witnesses?” continued to explain the GOP Senator. “We are going to proceed in two phases. Phase one: Is going to be the opening arguments from the House Managers, and from the White House. Each will have 24 hours, spread out over two days, to present the arguments they want. Their legal teams will stand up, present their case, make arguments, put forward whatever evidence they want, and then we will move to questions from Senators that we write down and the Chief Justice asks for us.”

“After all the above is completed, then we will going to vote on whether or not to consider additional witnesses,” said Senator Cruz.