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Suspect charged after swastikas graffitied on synagogue doors in Canada



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This story was first published by The Dark Wire Investigation Foundation.

A man has been arrested after a synagogue in Montreal, Canada was vandalized with swastikas on Wednesday, according to reports. Adam Riga, 28, was arrested within minutes of his arrival, the Synagogue said.

Riga appeared in a Montreal court Friday where he’s charged with possessing incendiary and explosive materials with the intention of committing a criminal act and threatening to set fire to a synagogue, according to The Montreal Gazette.

According to Rabbi Scheier of Congregation Shaar Hashomayim, the suspect was holding a can of gasoline, a lighter and a can of black spraypaint when he approached the building. Further, he said the suspect attempted to enter the building, but was unsuccessful because of the security measures already in place.

“As the optimist says, it could have been much worse,” Rabbi Scheier wrote in an opinion piece for the Montreal Gazette Thursday. “The attack took place in daylight hours at a synagogue closed due to COVID-19; our security team responded efficiently and effectively — for all of that, we are grateful. It certainly could have been worse.”

The Rabbi added, “Even with that gratitude, it still stings. As I first observed the swastikas on our house of prayer, community, memories, and dreams, I felt profound sadness. Tragically, symbols of hatred are neither shocking nor unexpected, but there is an acute pain when they land at one’s own front door.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned the act as “despicable,” in a Wednesday tweet.

“I condemn this vile act in the strongest terms possible and stand united with Congregation @ShaarHashomayim, Rabbi @AdamScheier, and Jewish Canadians across the country. We must always denounce antisemitic hate, no matter when or where it arises,” the PM wrote.

In 2019, Canada saw an 8% increase in antisemitic incidents from the previous year, according to an audit conducted by B’nai Brith Canada. Moreover, more than 6 antisemitic incidents occurred each day of that year totaling 2,205 incidents reported, the audit shows.

And Rabbi Scheier concluded in his op-ed that there’s still so much more that can be done in the fight against antisemitism.

“We can do so much better in addressing the hateful speech and ideas that lead to destructive behaviour, he wrote. “In the next few days, we will likely learn of the man’s motives and how he arrived at the idea to attack our spiritual home. In the meantime, we embrace all of the goodness that surrounds us, and move forward with the sincere and optimistic prayer that love will prevail.”

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Las Vegas Backyard UFO Encounter and Its Connection to Historic UFO Incidents



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In a Las Vegas suburb, a family’s experience has put them into the realm of the unexplained. What started as a crashed object in their backyard and sightings of “non-human” beings has now unveiled a captivating connection to two historic UFO incidents—Trinity and Rendlesham Forest.

It was a late April night when the people of Las Vegas witnessed something extraordinary. Multiple witnesses, including law enforcement officers, observed a streak across the sky. Body cam footage from one of the responding police officers displays the spectacle. As reports flooded in from across eastern California, Nevada, and Utah, the American Meteor Society took note, hinting at a spectacle that defied easy explanation.

Responding to the call, two police officers were dispatched to investigate the strange occurrence. The body camera footage obtained from both officers captured their initial reactions, reflecting a mix of nerves and intrigue.

Conversations between officers and witnesses revealed astonishing claims, with one witness describing a “big creature” standing around 10 feet tall.

While one officer proceeded to inspect the backyard, the video footage from his body camera was redacted by Metro police due to privacy concerns, according to reports. Witnesses conveyed their belief in the sighting, despite expressing skepticism before. Simultaneously, another witness informed the police about an SUV circling the area, potentially adding another layer of mystery to the incident, according to reports.

But this was just the beginning.

As the incident unfolded, an web of connections emerged, drawing parallels to historical UFO encounters that have perplexed and fascinated humanity for decades. Among these, the Trinity Incident stands as a testament to the enduring mystery surrounding UFO phenomena.

The Trinity Incident, which transpired in, July 1945, was set against the backdrop of the world’s first atomic bomb test in New Mexico. Witnesses, present during the event, reported a peculiar sighting, a UFO defying the laws of physics, hovering near the blast. The incident became covered in secrecy due to its connection to the classified Manhattan Project. This led to the rise of speculation about extraterrestrial involvement and their interest in our technological advancements.

Fast forward to December 1980, when another chapter in UFO history was written, Rendlesham Forest, an event that unfolded near the RAF Woodbridge base in Suffolk, England. Military personnel stationed there encountered inexplicable lights and an otherworldly craft nestled amidst the forest. The Rendlesham Forest incident remains one of the most compelling UFO cases on record, captivating the world with its documented evidence, eyewitness testimonies, and subsequent investigations.

Now, as the Las Vegas incident captures global attention, trending on Twitter, its connection to these historical encounters become apparent. The connections are astonishing, a crashed object, sightings of strange beings upwards of 10 feet tall, and eyewitnesses who stand by their claims, just as those who witnessed the Trinity Incident and the events in Rendlesham Forest did.

What does this all mean?

In this connection of past and present, the Las Vegas backyard encounter serves as a gateway into the world of UFOs. It calls the worlds to explore the uncharted territories of the unknown, where the boundaries of our understanding are challenged.

As speculation continues to surround this perplexing event, the encounters with unidentified phenomena and the mention of “big creatures” with large gazing eyes, in a suburban backyard have left the community and investigators perplexed. The quest for answers in this unusual case remains ongoing, as locals ponder the possibility of an otherworldly presence.

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