Susan Rice: Trump Supporters In Senate ‘Belong In The Trash Heap Of History’

Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice, who lied consistently on television during the Obama administration’s debacle in Benghazi, Libya said supporters of President Donald Trump in the Senate “belong in the trash heap of history.”

Watch below: 

Rice, who is one of several women being vetted by Biden’s team to serve as Vice President, told MSNBC Friday in the interview “let me be clear, this election and whoever Joe Biden chooses among very talented candidates, is about getting Joe Biden in the White House, somebody that can heal and unify the nation and remove Donald Trump and consign him, and those who supported him in the Senate in the trash heap of history.”

Rice appears to be really pushing for the spot. It would certainly give the power back to those in Democratic Party and former Obama Officials who were conspiring against the Trump campaign during the FBI’s now debunked Russia hoax investigation.

None of these former officials care one iota about Biden, who appears to be struggling with his memory and the presidential race. They would love to see Biden elected because in effect, he would be a pseudo puppet president, allowing those who were in power prior to Trump to rebuild their coffers, put globalist policies (like the ridiculous former Iran deal) back on the table and apologize to the world for everything American.