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Sullivan Asks Appeals Court To Reconsider Decision To Dismiss Flynn’s Case. It Will Backfire.



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U.S. District Judge Emmet T. Sullivan is acting more like a prosecutor everyday: He’s pleading with appeals court to reconsider its recent decision on June 24, to dismiss the case against President Trump’s former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Point is, Sullivan is not a prosecutor, he’s a judge. He’s gone far beyond his mandate as a judge and it is obvious that he is targeting Lt. Gen. Flynn. In fact, no one has argued against Sullivan’s behavior more extensively and succinctly than Flynn’s defense attorney, Sidney Powell. She has been fighting a bureaucracy of coverups and lies for more than a year on behalf of her client.

But Powell is up against a behemoth bureaucratic swamp that includes Sullivan and those who have targeted the Trump administration.

Sullivan’s lawyer Beth Wilkinson filed the 68 page motion Thursday, asking the appeals court to reconsider its decision, which just adds to the frustration for those involved in Flynn’s long court battle for freedom. For more than four years his family and friends have witnessed an onslaught of malicious targeting that has left the three star general broke and fighting to regain his reputation. His friends and family have described it as a nightmare.”

Sullivan is ensuring that Flynn’s nightmare will go on for a bit longer. His attorney is arguing that dropping charges against Flynn is a decision that threatens “to turn ordinary judicial process upside down.”

But that is an argument based on a fundamental lie. In fact, it was the extensive evidence of prosecutorial misconduct against Flynn that threatens the U.S. justice system. Flynn’s case, along with the evidence discovered by multiple congressional and IG investigations into the FBI and DOJ, that has exposed how deeply flawed the American justice system became under former President Obama’s tenure.

Instead of balancing the scales of justice, the system was hijacked by government officials bent on weaponizing it against political opponents. It’s exactly what they did.

It is a system that Trump, along with the strength and leadership of Attorney General William Barr, hopes to salvage. I certainly hope it can be salvaged or our nation will face

Wilkinson’s argument in Thursday’s filing that it is the district court’s job to consider the rule on pending motions is also flawed. She also noted that the court “if called upon, reviews those decisions – it does not preempt them.” She is just buying time. That’s all that is happening here.

Further, Sullivan is doing everything possible to preempt the appeals court decision, along with that of the Justice Department prosecutors who want the case dropped because of his visceral hate for the Trump administration.

Moreover, it’s the best way to buy more time before the November elections.

Let’s be clear. The American people are well aware now that there is no evidence that Flynn did anything wrong. In fact, the mounds of evidence reflect that if anything it was the prosecution under former Special Counsel Robert Mueller, along with powerful players in the Obama administration, that targeted Flynn to target Trump. That’s not just hearsay, it is documented extensively in emails between FBI special agents, notes written and taken by officials within the Obama administration, text messages and official documents obtained by U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Jensen, who has been looking into Flynn’s case for the Justice Department.

Sullivan’s actions are also unusual if you look at his history with cases, such as the case of the late former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens. Sullivan, who presided over Stevens case, admonished the FBI and prosecutors extensively for withholding exculpatory evidence. Stevens was eventually exonerated and Sullivan was touted as a hero for standing up for Stevens in the case.

So why isn’t Sullivan admonishing the prosecutors who lied, withheld evidence and strong armed Flynn into a guilty plea in 2017? Well, it’s simply politics in Washington D.C. and like I noted earlier in this column, Sullivan is hoping to delay any decision in the case until after November.

Bloomberg columnist Eli Lake also made a point that Sullivan’s possible motive on Flynn, in a Tweet Lake posted Thursday: “It’s obvious now that Sullivan is playing out the clock till post election in the Flynn case. On the other hand, @SidneyPowell1 has said there are even more documents that haven’t been released that will further embarrass FBI, Van Grak and Mueller team. May cut both ways.”

The anti-Trump establishment, embedded bureaucrats and the numerous former Obama officials are hedging their bets that Trump will be voted out of office this election season.

Unfortunately, those same officials are miscalculating the odds, just as they did in 2016. The American silent majority, won’t stay silent for long. The distrust in Washington lawmakers and the media is swelling.

And as Lake stated in his Tweet, prolonging Flynn’s battle will also buy time for Powell, along with the Justice Department, to expose the darkest depths of Washington’s corruption.

It will be just enough time, in my opinion, to awaken the American sleeping giant and give Trump another four years of draining the swamp.

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GOP bill proposes extra measures to ensure noncitizens are unable to vote in federal elections



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GOP members of both the U.S. House and Senate introduced a bill to add safeguards to ensure that non U.S. citizens who are already prohibited from voting in federal elections, do not do so. The bill seeks to amend the National Voter Registration Act to require documentary proof of United States citizenship to register to vote.

The Center Square reports that It would require states to obtain proof of citizenship – in person – when registering an individual to vote. Applicants would have to provide proof of citizenship when they register to vote in person, when applying for a motor vehicle license, and when applying to vote by mail. The bill lists accepted citizenship documentation and requirements for voter registration agencies.

U.S. Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, led a coalition of 49 Republicans to introduce the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act in the U.S. House. U.S. Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, with several cosponsors, introduced the same bill in the Senate.

Citing the border crisis and the greatest number of foreign nationals illegally entering the country in U.S. history, the measure’s supporters expressed alarm that instead of being deported, many are being registered to vote.

“There is currently an unprecedented and a clear and present danger to the integrity of our election system,” House Speaker Mike Johnson said. “And that is the threat of non-citizens and illegal aliens voting in our elections. In the last five and a half months or so, I’ve been to over 101 cities doing events all around the country in more than half the states. The first or second question that I’m asked in every public forum is about election security. Americans are deeply concerned about this. And it doesn’t matter where you live or whether you’re in a blue state or a red state, everyone’s concerned.”

Johnson blamed President Joe Biden and his administration’s policies for for what he described as widespread concern about election integrity.

“… we now have so many non-citizens in the country that if only one out of 100 of those voted, they would cast hundreds of thousands of votes,” the speaker added. “And since our elections are so razor thin in these days that we’re in, just a few precincts in a few states decide the makeup of Congress and who is elected to the White House. This is a dangerously high number, and it’s a great concern to millions and millions of Americans. It could obviously change the outcome of our elections, and this is not an empty threat or concern.”

It is already a federal crime for non-citizens to vote in a federal election. Despite this, Johnson said, “no current mechanism to ensure only those registering or voting are actually citizens. … If a nefarious actor wants to intervene in our elections, all they have to do is check a box on a form and sign their name. That’s it. That’s all that’s required. And there’s a very small chance that illegal would get caught [because] states do not have the election infrastructure in place to confirm what they’ve said.”

Johnson said noncitizens “can simply go to their local welfare office or the DMV and register to vote there,” adding that “states are currently prohibited from asking someone to prove that they’re a citizen when they use the federal voter registration form.”

He also gave examples of “a growing number of localities” that are “blurring the lines for non-citizens by allowing them to vote in municipal local elections.

“You might not know this, but non-citizens are voting,” he warned Americans. “Democrats have expressed a desire to turn on citizens and voters. That’s what this open border has been all about.”

Roy said the proposed SAVE Act “would thwart Democrat efforts to cement one-party rule by upholding and strengthening current law that permits only U.S. citizens to vote in Federal elections.”

Lee said the bill should “pass right away” and unanimously in both houses of Congress. “The only reason to oppose this … would be if you want noncitizens to vote.”

It also would create a new program requiring the Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration to share information with state registration systems. States would be required to identify noncitizens attempting to register to vote by accessing data in DHS’ Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements program and the SSA’s Social Security Number Verification Service. The information would be compared with data from state agencies that supply state identification cards or driver’s licenses.

The bill also would require states to remove non-citizens from existing voter rolls and increases federal penalties for those who register non-citizens to vote in federal elections.



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