Sudan Signals It Wants To Normalize Ties With Israel After UAE Deal

Jerusalem, Israel view from Mt. Scopus

After last week’s historic peace deal brokered between the United Arab Emirates and Israel, Sudan wants in. The Sudanese Foreign Ministry Spokesman reportedly told Sky News Arabia Tuesday that it could quite possibly make a similar deal in the near future and didn’t deny having talks with Israel.

“There is no reason for the continuation of hostility between Sudan and Israel,” the Sudan’s FM said. “We do not deny the existence of contacts between the two countries.”

Sudan isn’t the first country to indicate it wants to normalize ties with the Jewish State, a number of countries in the Persian Gulf region, including Bahrain and Oman have also said they’re looking to negotiate peace.

Notably, Sudan was the location where Arab nation’s declared they wouldn’t normalize ties with Israel and had three ‘nos’: “No negotiations. No recognition. No peace.” Yoni Michanie first pointed to this on Twitter Tuesday.

The summit was held in Karthoum just after the Six Day War when Arab countries surrounding Israel, but were ultimately defeated.