Stephen Miller: Migrants dispersed in the country are ‘well over 1M and that’s a conservative estimate’

Stephen Miller appeared on The Ingraham Angle Monday to put the Biden administration on blast for the deteriorating situation at the border. The former senior advisor to President Trump claimed that many who cross the border aren’t being immediately deported.

“If you count we describe as gotaways, it’s well over a million and counting,” Miller said of the number of released migrants. “In other words, in addition to all the people who were caught and release nearly hundred percent of families, nearly hundred percent of illegal alien minors, as well as people who are asserting fraudulent fear claims — plus the gotways, well over a million and that’s a conservative estimate.”

Meanwhile, under Trump, “we had zero–zero–releases,” Miller claimed. There were some exceptions for medical emergencies.

On the other hand, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claimed during a Senate hearing Tuesday that there is an increased effort in expelling migrants at the border. August saw only a 5% decrease in migrant encounters at the border. Still, Mayorkas claimed to charter an increase of flights to expel migrants on.

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