Socialism Knocking on America’s Door: Warren Wants to Break Up Companies

The U.S. national debt is at a $22 trillion, and according to the Congressional Budget Office, that number will continue to rise with the federal deficit projected to exceed “$1 trillion each year beginning 2022.”

But for a large number of Democrats, who support socialism ideals and who believe that more government spending is the solution, is a problem that they fail to recognize it. Elizabeth Warren along with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are calling for more government spending and entitlement programs as the solution for our future.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass), among many other extreme ideas, is now calling for breaking up the largest technology companies, including Inc., Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Facebook Inc., calling them anti-competitive behemoths that are crowding out competition.

“Twenty-five years ago, Facebook, Google, and Amazon didn’t exist,” Warren wrote in a post on Medium Friday. “Now they are among the most valuable and well-known companies in the world. It’s a great story — but also one that highlights why the government must break up monopolies and promote competitive markets.”

In an interview with Bloomberg, the Democrat senator is calling for legislation that would designate the companies as “platform utilities” and the appointment of regulators who would unwind technology mergers that undermine competition and harm innovation and small businesses.

If this is not Socialism, what is it? Share your thoughts and comment below.

Click here to listen to her interview on Bloomberg.