Sidney Powell: Flynn ‘would wear a pardon like a badge of honor’

President Donald Trump tweeted Sunday that he is ‘strongly considering’ a pardon for Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who served a short stint as his National Security Advisor, arguing that “after destroying his life & that of his wonderful family (and many others also) the FBI, working in conjunction with the Department of Justice has lost” his records.

Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell told that he “would wear a pardon like a badge of honor.” However, she cautioned that the Department of Justice should intervene before a pardon is even necessary.

“Flynn would wear a pardon like a badge of honor because he knows the truth,” Powell told me by phone Monday. “My personal hope would be for the DOJ to come forward by March 20th with the original FBI 302, the January 30 memo that proves Flynn was exonerated and how he briefed the DIA on all his foreign contacts – including Russia and Turkey.”

The DOJ needs to “produce the truth and give the American people the truth about what the FBI did to Flynn. They then need to dismiss the case in the interest of justice because of outrageous government conduct.”

She noted that the government’s conduct “also includes the unprecedented action of putting an FBI agents surreptitiously into a presidential briefing to assess Flynn’s mannerisms and collect information on him in a total betrayal of the trust that’s supposed to exist between briefers and the presidential team.”

Powell replaced Flynn’s previous defense attorney’s Robert Kelner and Stephen Anthony, with the Washington law firm Covington & Burling. Powell argued in January, in a “Supplemental Motion to Withdraw Plea of Guilty” , that the conflict of interest was so severe by his previous counsel that it warranted Flynn’s motion to withdraw his guilty plea.

There were also other serious questions raised by Powell and information that she is still requesting from the government that she believes exonerates Flynn.

For starters, the original FBI 302 report that is still missing. Powell argued in court that the original 302, written by FBI special agent Joe Pientka, still has not been produced by the government. Powell reminded the court that the report, which was the first account of Flynn’s interview with the FBI agents, was entered in the FBI system and is retrievable. Judge Emmett Sullivan, however, who is presiding over the case, responded at the time to Powell with the excuse that sometimes “things happen” and documents “get lost.”

It’s hard to believe that Sullivan wouldn’t want to have all the facts in the case and ensure that the defendant has the best defense. But these are different times.

For this very reason, Trump is right to consider a full pardon before Flynn is sentenced. Remember, the FBI, Intelligence Community and DOJ officials that targeted Trump began by first targeting Flynn.

In January, 2017 those that targeted Trump went into full swing. It was at this point in time, that someone with access to classified information leaked the private conversation between Flynn and former Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak to David Ignatius a columnist with The Washington Post.

His column in January, 2017 spurred the end of Flynn’s short tenure with Trump and led to months of disinformation being spread in the media both nationally and internationally.

Reports from newspapers in London at the time attempted to discredit the three-star general. Some spread malicious rumors alluding that he was having an affair with Russian born British scholar Svetlana Lokhova. Lokhova is now suing the papers who used her to target Flynn, and in the process, attempted to shred her reputation as well.

All of those stories were also false. In fact, Flynn and his family have been put through literally hell for more than three years.

However, a series of investigations by Congress, DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz and some news agencies exposed the very real and serious malfeasance within the FBI and DOJ. Almost all senior FBI officials involved in the now debunked theory that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia have either been fired, are under investigation or have left the FBI.

It’s unfortunate that those who divided the nation, spread malicious lies, violated the sanctity of the Constitution to spy on another of member of Trump’s team Carter Page have not been prosecuted. Maybe some of them will under the criminal investigation now being pursued by Connecticut prosecutor John Durham. Only time will tell.

As for Powell, she knows the truth. She has seen what this prosecution has done to Flynn, his family and the country. Powell knows that Flynn is innocent but whether lady justice will do what’s right is another story.

At the present, the scales of justice don’t seem to be balanced and if it weren’t for a few good people willing to fight to expose the truth, like Powell, we may have all been left in the dark.

As for Flynn, his best option for justice may be the one man he defended and believed in from the beginning, President Trump.

It would be a badge of honor for Flynn to take the pardon. After all, these are very different times and the American justice system, for now, is fickle, politicized and appears to be veiled by a shroud of uncertainty.