Peter Strzok

Attorney General Jeff Sessions confirmed Thursday that embattled anti-Trump FBI official, Peter Strzok, no longer has his security clearance.

This news comes just days after Strzok’s attorney confirmed that the agent was escorted out of FBI headquarters following the bombshell Inspector General’s report on the bureau’s mishandling of the Clinton email investigation.

In an interview with radio host, Howie Carr, Sessions said, “Mr. Strzok, as I understand, has lost his security clearance.”  Despite losing his clearance, the Attorney General said it was his “understanding” that Strzok remained on the FBI’s payroll, but that he wasn’t sure.

Last summer, Strzok was removed from Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation into the Trump campaign after the Inspector General found numerous concerning text messages between the agent and his paramour, FBI attorney, Lisa Page. Last week’s IG report uncovered even more damning messages between the two, including one in which Strzok said “we’ll stop” Trump from becoming president.

When asked whether or not FBI agents would be prosecuted or disciplined for accepting gifts from journalists, Sessions told Carr, “I’ll let FBI Director Wray respond to those individual matters. I would just say this. We’ve got a new FBI director. I recommended Mr. Comey be terminated and the president terminated him. I fired the deputy director, Mr. McCabe. They now have a new deputy director, a new chief of staff, a new legal counsel, a new communications director and I think we’re on path to get some new blood at the top of the FBI.”

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  1. Sessions? The Jury is still out on Sessions. Wray? After watching Wray testify or basically talk before Congressional Leaders, He’s one of THEM, not one of US. If you happen to be curious about MY definition of the word US. US: Hard working AMERICAN Citizen who pays taxes and obeys the law. Someone who ACCEPTS responsibility for their actions and did NOT vote for Hillary Clinton. US: You know, the people who are beneath those like Wray!

  2. re: Sessions. I follow Q pretty closely and he has always said to, and I quote, trust Sessions. Personally, I think he has been working very hard and in concert with Trump. The last time I heard there were 35,000+ sealed indictments. That’s over a time period of less than a year and a half. Retired FBI guys have said that the most sealed indictments in a year they ever saw over a 30 year career was 1500 when the FBI was going after the mob. That 35,000 number tells me Sessions has been very busy.

    Trump is a master at saying, Lookee here, while over there he is doing something big. That’s how I see his criticisms of Sessions. I may be wrong, but we’ll see.

    The other thing with Sessions is that he set up Huber to work with Horowitz many months before that became public. That’s aligning a prosecutor, that is not a DC denizen, to work directly with an investigator. I find that to be significant and a powerful combination. And, if my memory serves me correctly, he did that long before there were any calls for a 2nd Special Counsel.

    I also think that part of his “slowness” to do things is because he want’s airtight cases. He is giving these guys enough to rope to hang themselves over and over again rather than taking a chance on losing at trial. Look at how much more information we have now than we did 6 months ago. There is an incredible amount of info that has been proven, not just suspected, in the last 6 months.

    The last thing I have to say on this is that the public, of which the vast majority has been asleep with respect to the deep state for all their lives, has to be educated slowly. This is a huge shock for a lot of people, and if they are not prepared psychologically for the, and I don’t normally use this word, horrific details of corruption, sex trafficking, pedophelia, etc… that are going to come out their minds would not accept the information. They would simply shut down and refuse to believe it. Trump needs them to be awake and able to accept what they will have put before them. As Q says, there will come a time when these people will not be able to walk down the street. Something like this takes time to develop.

  3. It’s a long story, but the short version is that he/she/they are members of the Trump administration who have given out, anonymously, a lot of behind the scenes information of the war between the deep state and Trump’s adminstration. If you would like to see some of what he/she/they has/have had to say over time go to Q has pointed the anons on a lot of hints as to where to look for background information on those people working against Trump. The 8chan site has some very good researchers on it, but as an open board there are also a lot of loons including racists. porn addicts, and deep state shills who are out to make the good people there doing outstanding research look bad.

    I’ve been going there for more than 6 months and found I have to carefully research what is posted, and ignore racist junk and porn, but have ended up finding a lot of useful information.

    It took me a good couple of months to really understand what all is going on there. There is a lot of really talented researchers there, and a lot of scum looking to just disrupt too. It’s one of those sites where if you’re easily offended it’s probably best not to go because you’re sure to find something that will offend you.

    There is a thread there titled Q Research General and if you expand it as most of it will normally be hidden because of the 2-3,000 posts a day you will find something called Notables. Those are worth reading as all the noise the idiots make has been filtered out. There is also a link at the top of a thread titled QMap PDF from which you can download a large pdf file filled with a lot of the background information that will help you understand the site and a lot of good research.

  4. There are researchers who do you tube videos explain the daily Q drops. Here are couple to check out.

    This will get you started

  5. If you’re not comfortable with going there, don’t do it. Like Bunky7777 said there are sites that cover Q so you don’t have to put up with the nonsense on 8chan.

    I just thought of another good site. Bill Holter, who does most of the postings and does interviews with Greg Hunter at is very knowledgable about the financial world and the situation the US is in financially. He’s also good on political analysis too. He combines the two in most of his interviews and what he writes on the jsmineset site.

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