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Senators ‘Hail Mary’ vote to call witnesses, elongates America’s impeachment sham nightmare



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In a surprise move senators, including President Donald Trump’s close ally Sen. Lindsey Graham, voted in the 11th hour to call witnesses in the second impeachment trial against the former president. It is nothing but a ploy to buy more time because the Democrats and rhino Republicans know they have lost.

It has been an impeachment sham from the beginning. The majority of Americans are exhausted at the constant harassment of the former president, who did not incite the riot on January, 6 but merely spoke to his supporters on a day that tensions were already inflamed enough to lead to the tragic events that transpired.

I spoke to Trump’s Defense lawyer David Schoen before the trial. He said that the “idea for an impeachment trial for a former President no longer in office is unconstitutional for several reasons.But beyond the constitutional issues, this impeachment trial is perhaps the most ill-advised legislative act I have seen in my lifetime on every level.”

I absolutely agree with Schoen that it is “the weaponizing of a constitutional process for political purposes. It is the ultimate reflection of party over country.”

Schoen couldn’t be more right.

“And the political agenda has been clearly articulated – try to bar President Trump from ever running for public office again, thereby seeking to disenfranchise at least 75 million American voters,” he said. “That is an attack on a foundation of our Democracy.  This process in these facts is also a very very dangerous attack on the First Amendment and its sacred protection for free political speech.”

The call for witnesses Saturday is nothing more than a ‘Hail Mary’ by Democrats and never-Trump Senators. Maybe they are hoping they can buy time to get other Senators to vote against the president. One thing is certain, they knew that they didn’t have the votes to impeach the former president on Saturday. Instead, the selfish nature of these lawmakers kicks in and they will elongate America’s pain in their effort to target and destroy Trump. Why? They want to ensure that neither MAGA Americans, or anyone like Trump, ever attempts to disrupt the D.C. swamp again.

The vote was 55 to 45, including Graham and the other four usual Rhino suspects: Sens. Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse.

What was surprising was that Graham, the Republican from South Carolina, changed his vote to “aye” within the last minutes. According to reports it was to assist Trump’s lawyers in the event they have to call witnesses.

This is a trial where no crime exists and in which, an opposing political party is attempting to determine, distort and present a set of twisted and selective facts to a nation in order to rewrite history to punish the public.

The call to bring in witnesses began with manager Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Maryland, said he wants to subpoena Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Washington. Why? Because Beutler had said Friday that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy relayed to her that Trump had expressed sympathy for people who had shown up to hear him speak during the protest. It was allegedly a heated phone call between the McCarthy and Trump while the Jan. 6 attack was unfolding, according to reports.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell had already said that he would vote to acquit Trump earlier in the morning. McConnell’s decision was leaked because earlier in the morning there was no indication that witnesses would be called, according to Fox News.

American’s are sick of these games. For more than four years, since President Trump was elected by the American people and even now that he is no longer in office, the left and Rhino Republicans have ripped the nation apart in an effort to destroy him.

It is literally a hate that is beyond comprehension and is it is destroying the fabric of our nation. Former senior federal law enforcement and intelligence officials trampled the Constitution, spied on Americans, opened a sham investigation into Trump, spreading false lies across the globe that he was in Russia’s pocket.

The lies have never ceased and the American people continue to suffer. This will not end in a good place – there is no reason to continue this sham and now they will make the jurors, the Senators, witnesses in a trial.

This trial is absolutely ridiculous. Where is the due process or have we just weaponized impeachment and thus, become a banana republic.

You can follow Sara A. Carter on Twitter @SaraCarterDC

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Sara Carter speaks from UAW picket line: ‘None of them actually bought’ Biden’s visit



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Sara Carter joined Sean Hannity from the picket line after President Joe Biden’s “brief” few minutes of support with the United Auto Workers strike in Michigan. Biden spent a “whopping 12 minutes with those UAW workers outside the plant today” said Carter.

“And I can tell you the time I spent with hundreds of workers walking up and down that line it was stunning to see how they had turned on the administration none of them actually bought the visit they thought it was more political than it was supportive” she added about her discussions with workers on the ground.

“It’s all about votes, trying to get votes” said one worker. “It’s a show” said another. Individuals also lamented “they didn’t forget about us During the pandemic. We were building cars and trucks, we were working” only to be left behind now.

Carter said it was evident that immediately after the brief show of “support” Biden immediately left, and got straight on his plane to head to Silicon Valley for a fundraiser.

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