Sen. Schumer Chides Pres. Trump For Not Sharing Plans To Kill Soleimani with Congress

In a lethal operation carried out Thursday by U.S. troops in Iraq, commander of the Iranian Quds Force Qassem Soleimani met his demise. He was targeted while traveling by car near the Baghdad airport.

The Trump Administration deemed it a success and celebrated the end of an era for Iran’s worldwide terrorism campaign. That wasn’t enough for Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who although he expressed justification for his death, said President Donald Trump was wrong to approve the strike without the ‘consultation’ of Congress.

Schumer is a member of the gang of eight, which is typically privy to classified briefings from the intelligence community on matters before they occur. The gang of eight is comprised of two members of both parties from each chamber of congress.

“No one should shed a tear over his death. The operation against Soleimani in Iraq was conducted, however, without specific authorization and any advance notification or consultation with Congress,” Schumer said.

Later, Schumer added, “The need for advance consultation and transparency with Congress was put in the Constitution for a reason because the lack of advanced consultation and transparency with Congress can lead to hasty and ill-considered decisions. When the security of the nation is at stake, decisions must not be made in a vacuum.”