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Sen. Ron Johnson accuses Sen. Gary Peters of ‘Peddling Russian Disinformation’



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The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee held a hearing on Wednesday to discuss and review election security and administration issues. During the hearing, an argument broke out between U.S. Senators Ron Johnson (R-Wi) and Gary Peters (D-Mich) concerning the spread of disinformation regarding the Russia investigation.

Johnson accused Peters of introducing Russian disinformation ‘into our investigation record by leaking to the media and accusing him of ‘accepting and disseminating Russian disinformation from Andre Derkach.’

Derkach is a pro-Russian Ukrainian who promoted allegations against Joe Biden. U.S. intelligence has identified Derkach as an intelligence officer.

‘I’d never heard of the person until they brought it up,’ Johnson said. Johnson then referenced the Hunter Biden probe and confirmed the federal investigation of the president-elect’s son.

“Senior Democrat leaders, including ranking member Peters, were involved in a process of creating a false intelligence product, it was supposed to be classified, they leaked to the media, that accused Senator Grassley, the president pro tempore of the Senate, and myself of accepting and disseminating Russian disinformation.”

He continued, “I can’t sit by here and listen to this and say that this is not disinformation at this hearing today. This is getting information we have to take a look at to restore confidence in our election integrity.”

Peters denied the accusations saying, “I had nothing to do with this report you’re talking about.”

“You lied repeatedly in the press that I was spreading Russian disinformation. That was an outright lie and I told you to stop lying and you continued to do it!” Johnson replied.

Peters told Johnson that the hearing was not meant “for the airing your grievances.”

Johnson banged his gavel and attempted to move on to the next subject matter.

“This is terrible what you’re doing to this committee,” Peters continued.

“It is what you have done to this committee, falsely accusing the chairman of spreading disinformation,” Johnson fired back. “Nothing could have been further from the truth and you’re spouting it again, which is why I had to respond.”

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Biden’s Poor Polling and Harris’ Low Electability Rating Could Have Democrats Considering ‘Nuclear Option’

Behind-the-scenes discussion of how Democrats could arrive at a third option for the next election is underway



Biden Kamala
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

With polls consistently showing a poor approval rating for President Joe Biden at below 40 percent, and a recent poll put Kamala Harris’ electability at only 28 percent, Democrats are in full panic mode.

Behind-the-scenes discussion of how Democrats could arrive at a third option for the next election is underway. Operatives are preparing for the possibility of a contested presidential primary in which other would-be nominees take on Ms. Harris, but that could be damaging for the party” reports the Telegraph.

Therefore, Democrats are allegedly whispering about a potential “nuclear option” that would call for current Vice President Harris to be nominated to the Supreme Court. The Telegraph writes that “while the scenario is highly improbable, and perhaps a reflection of a Washington rumor mill in overdrive, the fact it has come up at all shows the depths of the predicament the Biden administration currently finds itself in, amid rising inflation, a stalled domestic agenda, and foreign policy disasters.”

The theory in question would call for President Biden to nominate Harris to the Supreme Court in the event a seat opens in the next three years during his administration. Biden could then use “Section 2 of the 25thAmendment to nominate a more popular vice president”, adds the Telegraph.

Under Section 1 of the 25th Amendment, that new vice president could assume the presidency if Biden were to step down while president. They would then become the Democratic nominee in the 2024 presidential election. That same individual could also be the presumptive Democratic nominee in 2024 if Biden chooses not to run for re-election.

One piece of information that is wetting Democrats’ whistle is that current Supreme Court Justice Breyer has said he does not “want to stay on the Supreme Court until I die.”

The Telegraph notes that “the discussion over potential successors to Mr. Biden is highly unusual less than a year into an administration.”

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