Sen. Paul: Once you have immunity, ‘throw your mask away’

In a new Fox News interview, Senator Rand Paul gave his medical opinion on wearing masks after one obtains immunity through the vaccine, saying many doctors and experts “will never let up” with COVID regulations and mask recommendations.

“There are doctors out there saying, ‘we need to wear them after the vaccine and really we may need to wear them forever,'” Paul said. “That is ridiculous.”

Paul said if you had the disease or has had the vaccine, including the second dosage, you should “throw your mask away and tell Dr. Fauci to take a leap.”

“Once you have immunity, you don’t need to do this,” Paul said. “Throw your mask away and tell these so-called experts who say lockdowns work to take a flying leap because there is no scientific evidence that the lockdowns have done anything to change the trajectory of this virus.”

Unlike most politicians giving their opinions on COVID rules and scientific data, Sen. Paul is an actual doctor and owned his own medical practice before entering politics in 2010.

Paul attended the Duke University School of Medicine and practiced ophthalmology in Bowling Green, Kentucky—later starting his own clinic in 2007.

Perhaps as greater amounts of Americans receive the coronavirus vaccine, more will follow Paul’s lead and ditch the mask.