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Sen. Lindsey Graham: ‘Where is the commander in chief when it comes to the border crisis?’



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The Biden administration claims the border ‘is not open.’ No one else joins them in that sentiment; particularly states, residents, leaders and agents being affected on a daily basis.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) wants the answer to a very pointed and imperative question: “Where is the commander in chief when it comes to the border crisis?”

While speaking with Fox News’ Jesse Waters, Senator Graham expressed the Biden administration’s failures at the border. “We went from the lowest crossings when Trump was president to the highest of all time” the Senator explains.

With the pending lapse of Title 42, Senator Graham stated, “I am calling one President Biden tonight to reinstate Title 42 by executive action. That’s one thing to do. Number two, I’ll introduce a bill. You get behind hit President Biden and we’ll get 80 votes in the Senate to make it a statute.”

Graham continues, “[Biden] is choosing to allow Title 42 authority to go away. He is choosing to allow the number of illegal immigrants to come into our country to double. He is choosing that.”

Additionally, Graham stated:

“If you want to look at a humanitarian nightmare, go to our border. I can’t believe the President of the United States has not visited the border. He is the Commander in Chief. You’ve got the Governor of California, a Democrat, who went to the border and said if we repeal Title 42, you’ll destroy California. You have the mayor of New York City, a Democrat, suggesting that if Title 42 is changed, it will overwhelm New York City.”

“El Paso has declared a state of emergency. Fourteen thousand pounds of fentanyl have come across this broken border. The border is not open, it’s been obliterated by the policies of Biden. He has surrendered the border. Where is the Commander in Chief when it comes to this crisis?”

“Title 42 authority allows the United States to deport people [in the country illegally] based on a COVID problem without a whole lot of delay. It is a tool that actually works. There are thousands of people waiting for it to expire. We are going to double the number of illegal immigrants literally in about 48 hours because people are waiting for Title 42 to go away. The President of the United States could by the stroke of a pen keep the policy in place or he could ask Congress to pass a law to reinstate Title 42. He is choosing not to do this. He is choosing to allow illegal immigration to double in 48 hours.”

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Canadian-U.S. border illegal crossings up 240% over previous year



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The vulnerability of the northern border of the United States is being weaponized in the war on illegal migration. 2023 saw a 240% increase of individuals apprehended from just one year prior. Not only is the border with Canada significantly longer than its border with Mexico, but its ports of entry are often understaffed while the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is forced to prioritize the southern surge.

According to recent data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, in 2023 authorities halted over 12,000 migrants attempting illegal crossings at the Canadian border. The number is a 240% increase from the preceding year when 3,579 individuals were apprehended.

ADN America reports that approximately 70% of the illegal crossings took place along a 295-mile stretch along the northern New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire border called the Swanton Sector.

Chief patrol agent for the sector, Robert Garcia, posted on social media that the 3,100 individuals apprehended were from 55 different countries. 

Garcia wrote “the record-breaking surge of illegal entries from Canada continues in Swanton Sector” and he specifically mentioned that the arrest of 10 Bangladeshi citizens was prompted by a citizen’s report in Champlain, New York.

Surprisingly, ADN reports:

A significant number of those engaging in illegal crossings are Mexicans who exploit the opportunity to fly to Canada without a visa, also avoiding the presence of cartels in their home countries.

Experts suggest that migrants can purchase a $350 one-way plane ticket from Mexico City or Cancun to Montreal or Toronto. This route is perceived as offering a lower likelihood of being turned away compared to those crossing the southern border.

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