Sen. Klobuchar says she ‘wouldn’t mind being a queen around here’

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) said that she wouldn’t mind being “a queen” when talking to Judge Amy Coney Barrett during the second day of Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on appointing her to the Supreme Court.

Sen. Klobuchar joked with Judge Barrett that she would like to be “a queen,” referencing a past statement from Barrett that she does not want to be one. Klobuchar brought it up when discussing the immense impact that the Supreme Court has on people’s lives.

“But we also know that this is the highest court in the land, that the decisions of this court have real impact on people. And I appreciate it, Judge, that you said you didn’t want to be a queen,” said the senator.

“I actually wouldn’t mind being a queen around here, the truth be known,” she continued, followed by chuckles from Barrett and Klobuchar herself. “I wouldn’t mind doing it—kind of a benevolent queen and making decisions so we can get things done.”

Sen. Klobuchar came after Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who, for the most part, utilized his time to speak at length on various subjects with some questions for Judge Barrett about her personal life at the end.

“We should be doing something else right now,” the Minnesota Democrat also said, wanting to “reset” the hearing at the beginning of her allotted segment. “We should be passing coronavirus relief, like the House just did.” This is in reference to ongoing negotiations in Congress to pass a second coronavirus economic stimulus package.

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The senator also went after the decision by President Donald Trump and the Senate Republicans’ push to appoint Barrett so soon before the presidential election, calling the hearings “a sham.”

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