Sen. Josh Hawley: If the Senate decides to call witnesses, We will call Schiff, the Bidens and the Whistleblower

“If my colleagues and others decide, you know what, we have got to have witnesses, then let’s call everybody who is going to be relevant,” said Sen. Josh Hawley, (R-MO), on “Fox & Friends” on Monday.

“This isn’t just about John Bolton. This should be about the whistleblower, Adam Schiff, Hunter Biden — let’s hear from them all.”

“If the Senate decides to call witnesses later this week, we need to hear from Adam Schiff number one,” Hawley said.

“We know his staff had contact with the so-called whistleblower before the whistleblower filed his complaint. We know that Schiff’s staff gave the whistleblower direction. I want to know what direction. I want to know what they talked about.”

“By the way, Schiff lied about that. Why did he? I think we ought to find that out,” Hawley continued, adding that Hunter Biden should testify, too, because “he is right at the center of this.”

“What was he doing in Ukraine? What was he doing with Burisma [Holdings]?” the Missouri lawmaker asked. “And probably Joe Biden. What did Joe Biden know when he asked the Ukrainians to fire that prosecutor who was looking into Hunter?”

“We are in an impeachment trial now. This is about overturning an election by the people of the United States and if we’re going to call witnesses, the whistleblower needs to be put under oath and explain what he knew and when he knew it,” Hawley said.