Sen. Graham: President Trump’s Plan For Syria ‘Will Not Work’

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) threatened Turkey with “sanctions like hell”, in an interview with Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade. Trump initiated a recent drawback of U.S. troops in Syria. The move means slowly abandoning the Kurds, who have been our allies in the fight against the Islamic State caliphate. It also gives Turkey a green light to move in and it has. Graham shared deep concern with these consequences.

“What we’re doing to the Kurds is dishonorable and it’s dangerous for us because if Turkey keeps coming into Syria and going after the Kurdish fighters who fought with us to defeat ISIS then ISIS will break out and Iran and Assad will be the biggest winner,” said Graham.

President Trump wants to bring U.S. troops home. Graham called it “ridiculous” and said he will propose “sanctions from hell” against Turkey.

“I believe the best way to fight the war is for some of us, a small footprint, working with people like the Kurds to keep the enemy at bay, so they don’t come here again and that model works and what President Trump is proposing will not work,” Graham explained.