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Secrecy Surrounds White House Cocaine Discovery as FOIA Request Denied



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The recent revelation of cocaine found within the White House’s West Wing has stirred intrigue and concern, with the United States Secret Service refusing to fulfill a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed by Bloomberg News journalist Jason Leopold. The denial has ignited speculation about the incident and raised questions about transparency and accountability.

Leopold’s July 10 FOIA request aimed to obtain a range of documents, including emails, text messages, photographs, memos, and intelligence reports related to the cocaine discovery. The Secret Service’s formal response, received on July 11, dismissed the request, asserting that the release of the requested documents “could reasonably be expected to interfere with enforcement proceedings.” Citing the “Foreseeable Harm” standard, the agency cited concerns about potential disruption to ongoing investigations.

Unsatisfied with the blanket denial, Leopold and Bloomberg News are committed to challenging the decision through an appeal process. They contend that government agencies should not deny information en masse without conducting a thorough review of the requested documents, segregating those that would not compromise enforcement proceedings.

The cocaine discovery, which occurred in a facility utilized for storing cell phones by White House staff and guests, triggered an immediate evacuation on July 7. In response to the incident, the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability initiated an investigation, condemning the presence of illegal drugs within the White House as “unacceptable” and a blemish on its history.

Concerns over security at the White House were heightened due to the timing of Hunter Biden’s recent visit. Notably, Hunter Biden has a well-documented history of substance abuse, including a positive cocaine test that led to his discharge from the U.S. Navy. The proximity of his visit to the cocaine discovery fueled speculation and underscored the need for a thorough examination of the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Subsequent revelations by NBC News dispelled initial claims that the cocaine was found in a high-traffic area accessible to visitors. Instead, it was located in more secure areas near the Situation Room and the West Executive entrance, both restricted-access locations.

The denial of Leopold’s FOIA request has cast a veil of secrecy over the White House cocaine incident, raising concerns about transparency and accountability within the Secret Service. By pursuing the appeal process, Leopold and Bloomberg News seek to illuminate the details surrounding the discovery, ensuring a comprehensive investigation that addresses lingering questions and upholds the principles of openness and public interest.

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GOP Weighs Formalizing Impeachment Inquiry into President Joe Biden



Joe Biden

In a potentially explosive move, House Republicans are reportedly mulling a closed-door meeting on Friday morning to discuss the prospect of conducting a formal vote for an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

Reports reveal that GOP leaders are contemplating a House-wide vote to greenlight an investigation into Biden’s actions, with the chairmen of the three committees investigating the President and his family set to present their case during this crucial meeting.

The push for an impeachment inquiry, directed by former Speaker Kevin McCarthy in September, faces White House dismissal, branding the probe as illegitimate without a formal vote. GOP leaders strategize that a House-wide vote would increase pressure on the Biden administration to comply with House Republicans’ subpoenas and information requests.

Moderate Republicans have thrown their weight behind the investigation, with Rep. Carlos Gimenez asserting, “There’s plenty of smoke coming out of the White House which justifies an impeachment inquiry.”

Moreover, Rep. Don Bacon, a proponent of initiating a formal impeachment inquiry, clarifies that the vote would signify House GOP support for investigating Biden but wouldn’t result in immediate impeachment.

While some Republicans gauge sufficient support for the measure to pass, others caution that no definitive decision has been reached, emphasizing that the formal impeachment inquiry vote remains in the discussion phase.

In a recent press conference, GOP leaders accused Biden and his family of leveraging his vice-presidential tenure for personal gain, alleging a corrupt influence-peddling scheme involving millions from China, Russia, Ukraine, and Romania.

According to reports from Fox News, Biden and his allies vehemently deny any wrongdoing, with the White House dismissing the inquiry as a “baseless fishing expedition.” White House spokesman Ian Sams characterized the allegations against President Biden as debunked and framed the Republican efforts as a politically motivated attempt to divert attention from internal chaos and dysfunction. As the House Republicans navigate this complex terrain, the stakes in this high-profile inquiry continue to escalate.

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