Seattle Antifa member who encourages violence against local businesses has been identified as a camp counselor and substitute teacher

A Seattle-based Antifa member, who has been arrested numerous times during violent protests and tweeted a list of local business owners that supported the city’s efforts to clean out a homeless encampment, has been identified as a children’s camp counselor and substitute teacher.

Mikaele Andrew Baker, 23, was born male and now identifies as a trans non-binary.

Baker used the pseudonym “@ComradeFlute” on Twitter to tweet a list screenshot of local business owners. “These are businesses (and literally one, single resident) who have signed a petition to sweep Cal Anderson Park,” she wrote.

The Twitter account has since been deleted.

Cal Anderson Park was previously part of the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” this summer. City officials dismantled the zone following several shootings and homicides, but far-left activists and Antifa members have attempted to revive the autonomous zone. The city recently posted notices that the encampment was illegal and would be removed. In response, activists barricaded the park and a lawsuit was filed.

On Friday, the city sent police officers and crews to clean up the park. Authorities made 21 arrests.

The Post Millennial reported that Baker has a history of violent protest activity in Seattle and has been arrested multiple times.

Baker would use her “@ComradeFlute” Twitter account to make violent and extremist comments.

In a previous tweet, Baker wrote, “I am a revolutionary anarchist. I’m not a war-hawk, but I see open warfare against fascists and the state as a necessary evil to achieve liberation.”

In June, Baker tweeted, “What’s the point of having guns if you’re not going to use them to shoot racists? #seattleprotests #CHAZ.”

She would also post frequently about working with children.

“I work full time as a childcare worker and I’m a substitute teacher, idk what makes you think I’d be unemployed,” she wrote on Twitter.

“I’m a history teacher, I’m from the Olympic Peninsula before moving to Seattle for school and work,” another tweet said.