SCOTUS votes unanimously against amnesty for this group of illegal immigrants

The United States Supreme Court voted in unison Monday, that Salvadorian José Santos Sanchez cannot receive legal permanent residency status since he already received temporary protective status or TPS. Sanchez entered the country illegally in 1997.

After Sanchez entered the states, the government granted him TPS in 2001. He petitioned the court to give him legal permanent residency, or LPR but all the justices agreed that his illegal entry precludes him from a new status. In order to receive the status an immigrant must have either been “inspected and admitted or paroled into the United States” or entered via “a lawful admission” according to the law.

Therefore, not all immigrants who have received TPS are barred from attaining LPR. As long as someone enters the country legally, even if they subsequently illegally overstay their welcome, they are eligible for LPR. A TPS does not alter the nature of one’s entry to the states. Justice Elena Kagan wrote the opinion for the court.

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