Scherie Murray, the Republican-hopeful running against Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in 2020, said she wants the rhetoric to stop. She said congressional members need to focus more on their constituents and on the now debunked assertion that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia or any attempts to impeach the president.

Murray explained the issues effecting her constituents most, her support for Trump and her love for America as an immigrant from Jamaica.

“I think we need to unite the fight to keep America great that makes the most sense right. Like we need a legislative body that’s willing to work with our president,” she told Sara Carter on Tuesday’s episode of “The Sara Carter Show” podcast.

“He has done nothing but deliver on his promises,” she said. “President Trump’s policies and his presidency has benefited minorities in the United States.”

Murray said Trump is fulfilling his promises to minority communities, unlike any president in the past, including President Barack Obama, who she voted for twice.

He should be commended for passing legislation signing into law the First Step Act,” she said. “Also he should be commended for the Investing in Opportunity Act which also rolls out the opportunity zones. The president has delivered on his promise that the economy is booming.” 

Murray even congratulated Ocasio-Cortez after her monumental win against incumbent Joe Crowley. She hoped new blood would better the district however, Murray told Carter she’s disappointed.
“Economic development is happening all across the country with the exception of New York where you’ll see killed the Amazon deal with bluster some 25,000 good paying jobs here in New York,” she said. “This is the type of rhetoric that we don’t need and this is the rhetoric that’s not going to get us anywhere. We need to start delivering on solutions not highlighting the conflict that we currently face as a nation. We need our legislative body to work together Sara. And I think it’s important for us to now get over the investigation get over the disdain for the president and work withPresident Trump. I support him 100 percent.”

Murray was nine years old when she emigrated to the U.S. from Jamaica and her story exemplifies the American dream. As a mom and businesswoman who is trying to flip a district from blue to red, Murray’s putting up a fight.

If elected I look forward to bringing policies to the forefront like comprehensive immigration reform like infrastructure and also advocating on behalf of education,” she said. “These issues are important to everyday Americans especially New Yorkers and Queens and the Bronx.”