Scaramucci: ‘Trump Will Drop Out 2020 Presidential Race’

“I believe that will happen and, as a result of that, he will drop out of the race. … I do think he’s now a threat to the Republic in terms of the way he’s acting, the bullying, the nonsensical racist tweets, it’s just bizarre. And obviously, he’s doing a number on the economy now. You’ll see, the business community will turn and hopefully the courageous politicians will turn and admit the truth,” Anthony Scaramucci said in an interview with Fox News Radio.

When the Lisa Brady, challenged him that the prediction seemed “pretty dire,” Scaramucci disagreed, arguing he sees it as “a huge opportunity to reset the Republican Party.” He said new leaders could build on the president’s policies that are “working,” but without the rhetoric and “racially charged nonsense.”

Scaramucci continued saying that the president will only accept 100 percent loyalty.

“Proof that he’s a demagogue, you can’t be nine-tenths for Trump, you’ve gotta be ten-tenths for Trump and nobody is ten-tenths for anybody. … He’s got everybody scared in that party, but that spell will break, as spells often do,” he said, adding that Trump demands “blind loyalty” and that is a sign of a “demagogue.”

“If senior Republicans like Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy say “no mas” and agree that Trump is off the rails,” then the Republican Party can begin a “reset” before the 2020 election, concluded Scaramucci.

Listen to full interview on Fox News Radio below: