Scaramucci: President Trump is a traitor


“The American president is a traitor to the United States. He is literally the most un-American president that we’ve had, probably since Andrew Johnson,” said Anthony Scaramucci, a former White House Communications Director on CNN. Scaramucci worked at White House for only 11 days, before fired by President Trump.

“He’s under a tremendous amount of pressure, poll numbers are a complete disaster, he’s in a panic, he’s about to be completely humiliated as an incumbent president, who had a recently good to very good economy. It’s just his personality and style and traitorous nature because you have to call him for what he is,” Scaramucci said.

“So this is a full-blown disaster and he’s reacting to it in a way as somebody who doesn’t have any principles or any morals. So it will continue to get worse and hopefully, Congress will break at some point.”