Scalise Says Pelosi’s ‘Unicorn of Socialist Special Interest’ Package Fails America

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s $3 trillion ‘Heroes Act’ Coronavirus stimulus package has been dubbed by GOP Whip Steve Scalise as the Democrats’ “Unicorn” deal, saying Pelosi’s actions in criticizing those who want to hold China accountable for allowing the deadly virus to spread are inexcusable.

Scalise, who was asked by President Donald Trump to serve on the task force to reopen the economy, said the nation’s growing unemployment crisis and failure by the Democrats to work constructively with the Republicans on a realistic stimulus package harm the American people, as well as the fragile economy.

“You know, every day Nancy Pelosi wakes up and tries to figure out how to stop Donald Trump from getting re-elected,” Rep. Scalise

“You know, every day Nancy Pelosi wakes up and tries to figure out how to stop Donald Trump from getting re-elected,” Scalise told The Sara Carter Show. He added that congressional hearings set up by Pelosi on “coronavirus, it’s really almost an impeachment committee that Speaker Pelosi set up.”

“Everybody’s focused on safety but they also know if you keep this economy shut down long there are a lot of businesses that just won’t come back,” Scalise said. He stressed that the health crisis across the nation is not just Covid-19 related but mitigating healthcare issues associated with the failure of Americans to receive regular checkups, non-COVID medical services, the closures of hospitals and the increased layoff of medical workers.

He said there are ways to safely reopen the economy and get people back to work.

“Why aren’t they focusing on that instead of just giving trillions of dollars more printing press money to bail out states and to pay illegals and all this other foolishness,” he said. “That’s a different set of priorities and it shows you know we’re fighting for families, the president’s fighting to help families. They’re fighting for their social special interest friends.”

He said Pelosi’s Coronavirus package is a “unicorn of socialist special interest ideas like you know paying illegals, paying abortion providers with taxpayer money, paying states that were  – by the way states that were already going bankrupt and that had multibillion-dollar deficits. She wants to bail them out with our taxpayer money and bail out pension funds instead of working with families to get back on their feet and helping them get back to work. So there is a job to go back to.”

Scalise also stressed that Pelosi’s Coronavirus committee was nothing more than a “committee just to try to go after the President.”

He said the failure on the part of Democrats is to their goal to keep the country divided and not focus on the issues that could bring the nation together.

“Why aren’t we focused on holding China accountable,” said Scalise. “Clearly the role (China) played in the World Health Organization in hiding this from the world. We could have saved thousands of lives in America, millions of lives around the world. Yet they hid all this information. Why isn’t Pelosi working with us to hold China accountable? Those are the things that we should be doing while we’re trying to help families get back on their feet.”

Beyond the tragedy of thousands of lost lives, are the more than 36 million Americans have applied for unemployment since the coronavirus shutdown began more than six weeks ago. Pelosi’s 1,800 page package, however, goes far beyond helping small businesses and the unemployed but instead, it’s filled with special interest allocations that according to Republicans has little to do with COVID-19 stimulus. Further, the package includes another $1,200 stimulus payment for each family member in a household, with a total of up to $6,000 per household. The bill, however, also allocates nearly $1 trillion to state, local and tribal governments for “honoring our heroes,” as reported by Fox News. It also creates a “Heroes Fund,” which provides $200 billion to essential workers who worked during the pandemic as hazard pay, as reported.

Scalise noted that the priority for both Republicans and Democrats should be to safely get out of the economic crisis, while at the same time doing everything possible to mitigate the spread of the virus and utilize the best tools to understand the pandemic.

He said Americans are tired of Democratic politics and the party’s constant attempt “every day to just attack and berate and harass President Trump instead of working with him. People are sick and tired of that kind of politics right now.”

The administration is working diligently to investigate the Chinese Communist Party’s role in spreading this virus, which started in Wuhan, China, he added.

But now, Scalise warned, is the time for Americans to use common sense and the best methods to get the economy moving again.

“That’s where we’ve got to keep fighting to help people safely reopened so that you don’t have millions more people put on the unemployment rolls,” said Scalise. Further, the serious cost of mental health during the crisis, the increase in suicides and Americans that are no longer getting regular healthcare checkups “needs to be addressed,” he added.

“You know I looked at my parish,” said Scalise, referencing the area he lives and constituents he represents in Louisianna’s first Congressional District, which is made up of eight different parishes.

“We had a 42 percent increase in non-COVID related deaths, when you compare last year to this year because people aren’t going to get things like you know their mammograms and their colonoscopies,” said Scalise. “If you have heart problems, people aren’t going to the doctor and they’re dying of heart attacks that’s happening too and so you got to look at the whole picture as we look at states that are reopening and seeing the success.