White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders shot back Wednesday at Republican senators that may vote against President Donald Trump on his national emergency declaration. She didn’t let them off the hook, saying the failure of Republicans and Democrats to address border security is forcing the president to “fix this problem on his own.”

Sanders is referring to a vote next week on a measure that would nullify Trump’s emergency declaration if passed on the roughly 2,000 mile U.S. Mexico border. The administration’s battle over the $5.7 billion has led to partial government shutdowns and battles on Capitol Hill.

However, Border Patrol agents, senior Department of Homeland Security officials and experts in human trafficking all testified Wednesday that there is a national security crisis at the border. They sided with Trump on the extreme nature of the crisis for both the United States and the humanitarian issues regarding human trafficking.

The Presidential Veto

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky, said last week that the measure is likely to pass. However, it will not survive the threatened presidential veto on the measure.

“My message to that group is to do your job…If you had done what you were elected to do on the front end, the president wouldn’t have to fix this problem on his own through a national emergency,” said Sanders, during an appearance on Fox News’s Fox & Friends.

In the afternoon, as hearings on the border were taking place on Capitol Hill, Sanders Tweeted that “the crisis at our border is no secret.”

Sanders attached links to various statistics recently released by the Department of Homeland Security that reveal a massive increase in illegal alien migration to the United States and the surging humanitarian crisis.

If anything, Sanders is doing a remarkable job of navigating the rhetoric and keeping both the Republicans and Democrats honest about what has been a crisis for decades.