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Sara Exposes Igor Danchenko’s Massive Role in the Steele Dossier

“They need to take people who violated the law and trampled the Constitution and hold them accountable no matter who they are”



Appearing on The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton on Sunday, Sara Carter exposed troubling details in John Durham’s indictment of Igor Danchenko. Fiona Hill, who was one of the Democrat’s leading witnesses against Trump in the impeachment trial, was responsible for introducing Christopher Steele to Igor Danchenko “who is being indicted for lying five times to the FBI.”

Sara stated, “It’s not surprising. The reason why she is running around and making these statements and trying to sell her book and undermining the former president and undermining democracy is because in all reality no one’s actually been really held accountable for probably one of the greatest atrocities against a US president in the history of the United States.”

Fiona Hill not only introduced Steele to Igor Danchenko, but she also introduced Charles Dolan, a very close ally of Hillary and Bill Clinton, to him as well. Charles Dolan “was the one that gave information to Danchenko, then Danchenko relayed that information to Christopher Steele who put it in the dossier.”

In response to Steve’s question on whether there will be more indictments in relation to this, Sara said, “I certainly hope so. I think that John Durham is an honorable man and he is going to do the honorable thing. At least I hope so. This is about a bureaucracy protecting itself. That lie is that the people within the bureaucracy say we are protecting these institutions […] I think the American people know that these institutions are infected. These institutions cannot get cleansed until they see the light of day. They need to shine the sunlight on it. They need to take people who violated the law and trampled the Constitution and hold them accountable no matter who they are.”

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Trump juror who was already sworn in fesses up, admits she cannot be ‘fair and unbiased’



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The latest scenario of one woman who has already been sworn in as a juror for former President Donald Trump’s trial is an indication of the complete improbability for a fair trial. Reporting from outside the New York City courthouse, MSNBC reporter Vaughn Hillyard explained the juror called the court to inform them that she did not know if she could actually be fair and impartial.

“She was asked to come to court this morning and went before the defense and went before the District Attorney’s office and answered questions about how she got to that conclusion” the reporter explains.

The juror discussed how she got calls, even yesterday, from friends, colleagues and family “questioning my identity as a juror.” She continued to say “I don’t believe I can be fair and unbiased and let the outside influences not affect me in the courtroom” the reporter quoted.

Hillyard’s report went on the emphasize the difficulty for these jurors in the next six to eight weeks because these are individuals who are supposed to be anonymous, yet we and the sides have some details about who these individuals are such as their neighborhoods and their occupations.


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