Sara Carter: Who’s actually going to be running the country if Biden wins?

Sara A. Carter explained on Sunday’s airing of “The Next Revolution” how Democrats are ignoring former Vice President Joe Biden’s many gaffes ahead of the 2020 election, saying someone else will be running the country if he wins.

“They ignore those facts, they try to cover it up,” Carter said. “It’s almost like a gaslighting, ‘you didn’t see that, you didn’t hear that, keep moving forward.’ Because, in all reality, will he be really running the country, who’s gonna be running the country if Joe Biden actually won. It would not be Joe Biden.”

President Donald Trump, Biden’s opponent in the November election, Carter said, is ‘quick-witted, on his feet, very sharp, and is smart as a tack.’

Carter concluded, “I think you can see the difference with that. My fear though is that they do not allow the truth to come out, so so many people in the American public are unaware I think unless they’re watching your show, Steve, or other shows, and actually see what’s going on here to understand what’s happened to the Vice President here, and how much he’s actually disintegrated.”