Sara Carter: While SJWs Want To ‘Fundamentally Change This Nation,’ Hong Kongers Are Fighting For Liberty

During an episode of “The Sara Carter Show” Thursday, host Sara A. Carter recalled a conversation she had with Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Andy Chan Ho-Tin in Seoul, South Korea last year. Beijing recently passed its national security law, seizing on what remained of Hong Kong’s autonomy, which has been central to Chan’s fight.

“I want you to think about what’s happening in the United States of America,” Carter explained to listeners. “Now, Andy Chan is young. When I did this interview with him, he was 29 years old.”

She recanted how Chan ” founded the Hong Kong National Party. He believes in the independence of Hong Kong and the freedom for his people. And you all saw that on the news, young people stepping out into the streets, waving flags, even American flags because they believe in what this nation was founded on: Freedom.”

She stressed that while some radical liberal “people, some people like representative Ilhan Omar” and others want to “fundamentally change this nation from freedom and liberty and a bastion of hope.”

“Built on yes, not perfection, but with the founding fathers what (Chan) was saying, is what Thomas Jefferson said, that is fundamentally true, that all people are created equal. It is the reason why, thank God, slavery ended in this country under Abraham Lincoln.”

Chan and those fighting alongside him in Hong Kong have great admiration for the American way of life and want Hong Kong to emulate those basic fundamental values that honor the liberty of all individuals, she said.

It’s something young people in the U.S. are taking for granted, she added, stating that unfortunately, we’ve seen the radical left take take advantage of the horrible tragedy of George Floyd’s death at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer, Carter explained.

“It is the reason why we fight for civil rights and equitable solutions for all people,” said Carter. “It’s the reason why we have, a beautiful transition of power.”

” It’s the reason why our soldiers, men like my husband, who went overseas to fight terrorists did so to protect our national security in our country. It’s the reason why we have intelligence officials, FBI officials, law enforcement officials protecting our nation,” said Carter.

“There is a reason why we fight for these fundamental beliefs for a Constitution, for our Bill of Rights. And now so many young people want to throw that away. While people like Andy Chan and young people in Hong Kong and in China and in other parts of the world are fighting to just be able to just speak, to say they don’t agree with their government, they don’t agree with the rules that are imposed on them,” she added.