Sara Carter Warns Voters, ‘Don’t give away your freedom, there is nothing cool about gov controlling your life.’

On Sunday’s airing of Fox News’ “The Next Revolution,” Sara A. Carter explained that it’s time to teach our children there’s nothing greater than freedom. “People from all over the world, like you, like my mother, like our ancestors, come from all over the world to be here, to be free. Not for the cancel culture. Not to put it down, but to live in a nation that’ll give them the freedom,” Carter said.

“There’s nothing greater than that. That is what President Trump delivers. And he needs to continue to deliver that. That’s why he renegotiated NAFTA. That’s why he’s holding China in check. That’s why he’s bringing back manufacturing jobs to the United States. All of these issues make us better. And, you know, we don’t need to say ‘Make America Great Again,’ we are great.”

Another important lesson to remind young people of in this country, Carter concluded, is that overreaching government control is not “cool.” “We need to look at what we have here in the United States, we need to build on that,” Carter said. “We need to teach our children that freedom is great, it’s cool. There’s nothing cool about the government controlling your life.”