Sara Carter: Voters Will Have To Choose Either The American Dream Or Marxism In November

On Monday’s episode of “The Sara Carter Show,” host Sara A. Carter discussed the upcoming November presidential election, saying voters will have two choices: the American dream or Marxist America.

“Do you believe in the American dream? The one that we were all taught, that everybody has an opportunity that if you work hard enough, you can do anything? Or do you believe in that other America, the Marxist fake America that tells you that ‘Oh, you’re a victim. You can’t do anything. You can’t be anything. We’ve got to take control. We have to babysit you. We have to babysit you America and then we can make the rules and decide for you like how we want to take care of things,’ Carter asked listeners.

Do you really want that?

If the country was run by Vice President Joe Biden, Carter said, he ‘will basically be a puppet for the bureaucracy.”

“He can’t remember a lot,” Carter explained. “There’s something going on there. I don’t want to be a judge of that. I’m not a doctor. But I mean, if he was my grandfather, I would be questioning if there was something going on there.”

It’s a choice between Biden or President Donald Trump, she added.

“Those are the two choices. That’s it,” she said.