Sara Carter: Those who weaponized the system should be in jail. Instead, they’re writing books.

Sara A. Carter slammed the officials at the FBI and DOJ who she said weaponized the system to undermine Trump and his campaign. They appear to have ultimately gotten away with it since they haven’t been indicted despite mounting evidence that bureau and senior Obama officials were involved. Carter didn’t seem optimistic that any of those officials would be held accountable, at least not before the November election, she explained in an interview Wednesday with Fox Business host Lou Dobbs.

Recently released documents revealed that members of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team reportedly wiped at least 15 phones, which were for official use during their investigation into President Trump’s now-debunked ties to Russia. It’s a cause for concern that no one has been held accountable for this action like so many others who targeted Trump and his campaign.

“If anyone of us had obstructed justice…. would’ve wiped our phones clean or our computers when the FBI requested to see that, we would go to jail. That’s just the facts. We would go to jail,” Carter explained.

“Instead, we had to wait all these years to find out the truth of what happened on Robert Mueller’s team and the malfeasance that took place at the FBI,” she said. “And guess what, these people are writing books, they’ve got contributorships at cable news outlets and they’re not being held accountable. So, you tell me if there’s a two-tiered system of justice.”