Sara Carter: The left reacted ‘despicably’ to Trump’s COVID diagnosis, ‘I hope it wakes up America’ in November

On Fox News’ “The Next Revolution” Sunday night, Sara A. Carter explained the “despicable” politicization of the COVID-19 virus and how it’s only grown worse with President Donald Trump’s diagnosis last week.

“The virus doesn’t care whether you’re Republican, Democrat,” Carter told host Steve Hilton. “No matter where you’re from, no matter what religion you have it crosses all barriers. It’s a global pandemic. It targets everyone.”

Carter said that the reaction to COVID-19 has also made this upcoming election all the more crucial. Ultimately, it’s a decision between America and Socialism, she said.

“I hope it wakes up America. This is why voting this November is so important. This is why getting to the polls is so important,” Carter explained. “This is why our men and women have fought to protect this nation so that we don’t end up a nation like other places we’ve seen around the world where we’re moving closer to Socialism or Marxism. And this kind of public behavior, this shaming behavior, or virtue signaling behavior…is absolutely wrong.”

“The President of the United States, just like Governor Northam, deserves the best care, they deserve to get better, and we as a nation should back the people in our own country and push forward to find a cure for this deadly virus.”