Sara Carter appeared Monday on the nationally syndicated radio show “The John Gibson Show” to discuss President Donald Trump and the Russia investigation. During the interview, Carter noted how senior leaders within the U.S. intelligence, DOJ and law enforcement community put aside justice to undermine the Trump presidency and continue to do so.

“We entrust them with our safety, our security, our nation’s safety and security, we entrust that the CIA is doing the same job oversees,” said Carter, who has dedicated years of investigative reporting in the Russia investigation.

Moreover, former senior officials with the FBI and DOJ attempted to find Russian collusion with the Trump campaign even though there was no evidence of a crime, she said.

Those officials ignored the very principals of our nation’s democracy and politicized agencies that have the trust of the American people, she added. However, there is little evidence that the Department of Justice is investigating these matters. DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz is investigating the FBI’s handling of the Trump Russia investigation but his report isn’t expected to be released until Spring at the earliest.

“This is a detriment to the foundation of the United States, to our constitution, to our rights to have a lawful investigation” she continued. “The problem is no one is investigating the investigators…”