Sara Carter: The border crisis is ‘astounding’

Sara Carter joined “The Next Revolution” with host Steve Hilton on Sunday to discuss her experience at the southern border and her growing concerns with the influx of migrants.

Carter has spent the last six weeks documenting the crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border. She just recently returned from Tijuana, Mexico where she spoke with migrants and border patrol agents.

“It is a crisis that is astounding,” Carter told Hilton. “The only people benefiting from this are the drug cartels, the human traffickers, and the politicians who are using people as political pawns and especially the children.”

Moreover, Carter said she met many young children who had been separated from their families and some who had been victims of trafficking.

“I can’t stress enough that this is just the beginning of a crisis that is going to overwhelm our system this year,” Carter said.

President Joe Biden finally referred to the influx of migrants at the southern border as a “crisis” for the first time on Sunday.

For months, the Biden administration has avoided using the word “crisis” and instead referred to the border as a “challenge.”

Biden admitted over the weekend that his administration was focusing on the “crisis” and now the administration is ready to increase the number of refugees allowed into the country.

“We’re going to increase the number [of refugees],” Biden said. “The problem was that the refugee part was working on the crisis that ended up on the border with young people. We couldn’t do two things at once. But now we are going to increase the number.”

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