Sara Carter: The Biden administration ‘wants to fundamentally change our society’

Sara Carter joined Steve Hilton on “The Next Revolution” as the seemingly lone voices to rail against Biden’s “media servants” and call out his radical agenda.

Following the President’s national address CNN’s Van Jones said of Biden: “He’s developing a kind of positive populism.”

“No he’s not!” Hilton said. Carter also agreed.

Carter pointed to the significantly lower ratings that Biden’s broadcasted speech had compared to former President Trump’s. About 48 million watched Trump’s first joint session address while only 26 million watched Biden’s. “Positive populism did not work for him,” Carter said.

“People did not vote for a big government agenda,” Carter said, referring to Biden’s multiple executive orders in the last 100+ days.

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Instead, Carter went on, “The Biden Administration wants to fundamentally change our society” with “social services,” ” a welfare system” and “a nanny state” that will “destroy the middle class.”

“The very sad thing is that the media believes that if they keep telling a lie, that it will eventually come true,” Carter said. “And it won’t.”

“Because we’ll keep holding them accountable for it,” Carter said, talking about those reporters like her and Hilton who are not Biden’s media servants. “We’ll keep exposing lies.”

Watch the full segment here.

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