Sara Carter reports from the border: 9-year-old Guatemalan boy crosses into US alone to locate estranged mother

Sara Carter encountered a nine-year-old Guatemalan boy crossing the border and helped him contact his estranged mother for the first time in years late Wednesday night. Carter talked about her most recent trip to the southern border in Texas during an appearance on the Sean Hannity Show Thursday.

The boy borrowed Carter’s phone to call his mother, who’s living in the US already, to let her know he’d made his way safely. He crossed the border without any family members or friends, but Carter told Hannity it appeared his family had hired smugglers to help him get there.

“It was very emotional for me,” Carter said of the phone call. “I’m a mother.”

His story is common. Children have been found abandoned on farms, at the Rio Grande river, and even in open fields along the border. “We have children coming across our border and he is really only one of 20,000 children that are now in our custody. Probably more than 20,000 in over 200 shelters across the United States.” Carter told Hannity Thursday.

And more attempt to cross every day. “Last night, after the show, we went back out on the river… But roads were filled with people. You can see across the river, just you could hear them in the darkness. Making their way with the smugglers down along the river. And then the smugglers loading people up into rafts bringing them across the river with no indication of fear or worry that they were going to be arrested,” Carter said. She spoke to National Guardsmen who say that many of the people in this those boats are families with young children and even pregnant women.

“Because remember,” she said, “this young boy is one of the lucky ones. He actually made it. What about all the children that we never see, that we never hear about, the children that don’t make [it through] this journey?”

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