Sara Carter: President Trump ‘Deserves, Has The Right’ To Clean House At The NSC

On Sunday’s The Next Revolution with Fox New’s host Steve Hilton, Sara A. Carter argued that President Donald Trump ‘deserves, and has the right’ to clean house at the White House National Security Council.

“Our President deserves, and has the right to run his administration with people that serve at the pleasure of the president…,” Carter said.

After the impeachment trial where a former NSC staffer Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman testified against President Trump about his call with Ukraine, President Trump removed him and his twin brother, Lt. Col. Yevgeny Vindman, from the office. He hasn’t stopped there.

Earlier this month, President Trump called Vindman ‘insuborinate’ and said his supervisor at the NSC “publicly stated that Vindman had problems with judgement, adhering to the chain of command and leaking information.” He concluded, “In other words, OUT.”

In recent months, National Security Adviser Robert C. O’Brien has facilitated the release of dozens of Obama administration holdovers from the office.

“This month, we will complete the right-sizing goal Ambassador O’Brien outlined in October, and in fact, may exceed that target by drawing down even more positions,” John Ullyot, the NSC’s senior director for strategic communications, told The Washington Times’ Secrets.

Last week, the President named former U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell his new Acting Director of National Intelligence. That move was consistent with the President’s efforts to “drain the swamp” and place those loyal to that mission in his administration.