May 4, 2020

Sara Carter: ‘Nothing is gonna come back unless people start reopening their businesses’

Sara A. Carter joined Fox News host Steve Hilton on Sunday’s airing of “The Next Revolution” to explain the need for the American economy to reopen as the country continues to slow the spread of the coronavirus. What needs to happen, she said, is businesses have to be allowed to reopen.

“He understands the suffering of the families that have been through COVID-19. He understands it because he’s had friends who have been affected by it directly. But he also understands the pulse of the country. And what makes him so remarkable is that he gives Americans the right to have common sense,” Carter explained reacting to President Donald Trump’s earlier town hall on Fox News.

During the earlier interview, Trump recognized the need to reopen the American economy with certain safety and public health measures in place. “At some point we have to reopen our country and people are going to be safe,” Trump said.

Carter added, “I mean he says, look, if you’re over 60, I understand if you don’t want to expose yourself. You can stay at home, you can stay from work until we get a better handle on this. But the American business owner, the small business… We could do all the bailouts we want, Steve. We can push for more and more money, we can see unemployment surge and we can give people checks, but nothing is gonna come back unless people start reopening their businesses, putting people back to work.”

Since mid-March, over 30 million Americans have filed for unemployment insurance. More than 3.83 million of those claims were filed last week.