Sara Carter: Never Trumpers Are ‘part of the seedy’ D.C. Swamp

Sara A. Carter described groups like the Lincoln Project that are intent on getting President Trump out of office as part of the “seedy swamp” in Washington D.C. In her interview on Sunday’s “The Next Revolution” with Fox News host Steve Hilton, Carter explained the groups as out of touch with the concerns of the American people.

“They’re the people that want things to stay the same,” Carter said. “They go in front of the American people and they lied. They present themselves as one thing and then they actually do another.”

Because Trump is so direct and regularly engages with his base on platforms like Twitter, his message has been effective, she added, saying the Never Trumpers want to stop it immediately.

“They don’t want that, and they want him out because they need him out in order to survive. And they know that the disrupter is going to stop them from what they’ve been doing all along and that is ripping off the American people,” Carter said.