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Sara Carter joins ‘Hannity’ live from the southern border; we have ‘football fields’ of people waiting to come into the country



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Sara Carter and President for the National Border Patrol Council Brandon Judd joined ‘Hannity’ live from the southern border to discuss the ending of the Trump era Title 42. “We have had nothing but chaos” Fox News host Sean Hannity began the segment.

“It is going to get worse. They are trying to hide this from the American people” Carter explained. During her interview with Senator Budd, Carter explains she was asked to turn the cameras around so as not to show the huge influx of people waiting to get into the United States.

We are witnessing “football fields” of people trying to come into the country, Sara added. Another concern is that amount of “military aged” young single men are coming in by busloads. These are not women and children or the vulnerable; these are men coming in alone, not with families they are providing for.

Sean begs the question as to what, if any, vetting systems are in place in order to know who is coming in. “The only thing we do is fingerprint them, see if they have a criminal record here in the United States, check if they have an Interpol hit and that is it. We cannot check anything in their countries” laments Judd.

“Joe Biden stole every single one of our tools” Judd adds. “I spoke with the Biden transition team before he took office and told them exactly what they needed to do and they completely ignored everything.” Because “they wanted this to happen. This is by design” Judd concludes.

“Someone has to put a stop to this” Carter says, discussing the horrific occurrences such as child sexual trafficking being inflicted on the migrant children.




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DOJ federal indictment connects Sinaloa Cartel and Chinese ‘underground banking’



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The Justice Department (DOJ) announced a huge connection between Chinese organized crime and the Sinaloa drug cartel. In a press release the DOJ reported a 10-count superseding indictment charging Los Angeles-based associates of Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel with conspiring with money-laundering groups linked to Chinese underground banking to launder drug trafficking proceeds. During the conspiracy, more than $50 million in drug proceeds flowed between the Sinaloa Cartel associates and Chinese underground money exchanges.”

The indictment was the result of a multi-year investigation into the conspiracy—dubbed “Operation Fortune Runner”— unsealed on Monday charging a total of 24 defendants with one count of conspiracy to aid and abet the distribution of cocaine and methamphetamine, one count of conspiracy to launder monetary instruments, and one count of conspiracy to operate an unlicensed money transmitting business, according to the press release.

“Dangerous drugs like fentanyl and methamphetamine are destroying people’s lives but drug traffickers only care about their profits,” said United States Attorney Martin Estrada. “To protect our community, therefore, it is essential that we go after the sophisticated, international criminal syndicates that launder the drug money. As this indictment and our international actions show, we will be dogged in our pursuit of all those who facilitate destruction in our country and make sure they are held accountable for their actions.”

“Drug traffickers generate immense amounts of cash through their illicit operations. This case is a prime example of Chinese money launderers working hand in hand with drug traffickers to try to legitimize profits generated by drug activities,” said Chief Guy Ficco of IRS Criminal Investigation. “We have made it a priority to identify, disrupt, and dismantle any money launderers working with drug cartels and we are committed to our partnerships with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to combat drug cartels and those who assist them in laundering drug proceeds.”

The Justice.Gov website explains of the indictment: “Following close coordination with the Justice Department, Chinese and Mexican law enforcement informed United States authorities that those countries recently arrested fugitives named in the superseding indictment who fled the United States after they were initially charged last year.”

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