Sara Carter Exclusive: Guatemalan President says Biden admin should stop sending mixed signals

Guatemalan President Alejandro Giamattei sat down with Sara Carter in the presidential palace Wednesday for an interview. This comes the day after Vice President Harris’ visit to his country, marking her first international trip since her term began.

“Humanitarian messages were used by the coyotes in a totally distorted manner,” Giamattei said. “Because what they said over there was that they will promote family reunification.” Then, the president claimed, the coyotes took children and teenagers to the border.

“And the borders were full,” he said, “not just with people from Guatemala.” So, he says clear messaging from the Biden administration would help ease the border crisis. He applauded Harris for her comments, pleading with Guatemalans to not come to the United States.

“That’s a clear message,” he said of her statement.

Giammattei also told Harris during a private meeting that his administration would be behind bringing federal charges against coyotes, if the U.S. would agree to a bilateral cooperation.

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