Sara Carter: Bay of Pigs Veteran says Cuban people ‘would rather die than continue’

By Jenny Goldsberry

Sara Carter took back to the streets of Miami Tuesday to continue her reporting on the protests for Cuba. She interviewed a former Cuban American CIA paramilitary officer, who told her the Cuban people today “would rather die than continue they way they are.”

Carter told me her experience in Miami reminded her once again why her mother, along with the majority of her mother’s family, fled Cuba in the late 1960s on the Johnson Freedom Flights. Her family was among the 300,000 refugees who were sponsored by families in the United States as they escaped Fidel Castro’s communist regime.

Her mother, along with several other family members, had been imprisoned by the communists for a short period of time.

“My mother, my aunts, uncles and my grandmother taught me that freedom is precious and that we must never be afraid to stand up to those who seek to take it away,” she said. “Tragically, like what happened in Cuba under Fidel Castro, sometimes it is ripped from under us when we aren’t paying attention or when we mistakenly think that it could never happen to us.”

More importantly, she said, “my mother loved America. She told me from the moment she put her feet on American soil, she became an American and she never returned to Cuba. She loved America so much that she became a U.S. citizen as fast as she could. She also said that she would only return to the island if and when Democracy returns. Sadly, she died before that could happen.”

“You have to experience Communism to understand it,” Felix Rodriguez said. “Now people realize that they have finally arrived to a point that they don’t care about their security, they don’t care about the repression.”

He warned “they would rather die than continue the way they are.” Rodriguez knows that feeling, because he’s also a Bay of Pigs veteran. Now he’s the President of the Bag of Pigs Veteran’s Association.

Meanwhile protestors in America want to see the U.S. get involved. “They are asking the Biden Administration to intervene in Cuba,” Carter said.

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