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Russian FSB ‘Whistleblower’ claims Putin’s War will be ‘Total Failure’



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A published report insinuates Russia will fail in its invasion of Ukraine; specifically, Putin’s war will be a “total failure.” The report, which was published Friday, allegedly came from a Russian FSB agent.

The Daily Mail reports that an analyst from the investigative journalism group Bellingcat showed the report to FSB sources who they had “no doubt it was written by a colleague.” In the over 2,000-word report, the agent writes Russia’s forces have “no options to victory, only defeat.”

The Kremlin has only acknowledged the deaths of 498 of its soldiers, but the FSB’s report claims over 10,000 Russians could already have been killed in Ukraine; the number is similar to one provided by Kyiv officials.

Daily Mail reports:

The whistleblower also claimed the FSB – Russia‘s successor to the Soviet Union’s feared KGB – was being blamed for the failure of Moscow’s forces to make significant progress into Ukraine, despite being given no advanced warning of the invasion.

The report also said Russia’s government has lost contact with a number of its divisions that have been sent into Ukraine, meaning they had no accurate death toll.

It came as former Russian Foreign Minister Andrei Kozyrev insisted that Putin is not ‘insane’ but ‘immoral’ as he said the president believes his invasion is logical because he has started to believe his false propaganda that Ukrainians are ‘neo-Nazis’.

The report also said even if Putin succeeds in taking out Ukrainian President Zelensky, Moscow still would be unable to occupy Ukraine. “Even with minimum resistance from the Ukrainians we’d need over 500,000 people, not including supply and logistics workers,” the author claims.

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  1. Tracy

    March 8, 2022 at 3:13 pm

    I pray for the poor innocent people in Ukraine that are caught in the crossfire.May God in heaven please help them.

  2. A Concerned American

    March 11, 2022 at 10:23 pm

    I’m sure it was quite obvious to the Russian military while even planning these operations that they could not sustain any form of occupation even if they got the Ukrainian government to fall. Ukraine is a nation of 44 million. Even 1% fighting a guerrilla war is 440,000 people, supported from behind by a much larger number. Ukraine is bigger than the size of France with many hiding places for guerrilla bases and a support network.
    The biggest worry at this point is if the Russians don’t succeed, will they pound the Ukrainians day and night into submission? Or will the brewing ‘revolt’ within Russia extend well enough to topple Putin and his cronies? What about the sequence for the unleashing of tactical nuclear missiles? Strategic nuclear missiles? Tactical on the heads of the Ukrainians? On the heads of some NON-NATO country that is supplying weapons to the Ukrainians (e.g. Finland)?
    And why hasn’t the media spoken about the crimes of the Ukrainian government and army in the Donbass region for the past eight years? The Ukrainians are NOT the ‘good guys’ in all this either. BOTH SIDES are guilty of criminal action that has led to this situation, albeit Putin is the one who invaded openly this time (and took the Crimea a few years ago).
    It’s NOT in the core US interest to fan the fires here. The solution for everyone seems to be to “Finlandize” Ukraine, i.e. turn it into a buffer state, hand the Donbass and Crimea to Russia officially, and get a guarantee of non-intervention by any side in Ukraine (i.e. no Ukraine joining NATO or the EU, nor any ‘association’ with Russia). Pure neutrality perhaps with a beefed up army (armed neutrality like Switzerland). No association with ANY ‘bloc’. And guarantee of EQUAL RIGHTS for ALL Ukrainian citizens, including the use and teaching of their languages in school (the Swiss, by the way, have FOUR languages that are protected within their country).

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The Guardian Removes Osama bin Laden’s “Letter to America” Amidst Viral Resurfacing




The Guardian, a left-wing media outlet, has taken down Osama bin Laden’s notorious “Letter to America” from its website this week after the words of the deceased terrorist mastermind, responsible for the attacks on September 11, 2001, gained traction on social media.

The letter, which had been published on The Guardian’s website since 2002, resurfaced online, causing a sudden spike in traffic. Social media users unearthed and shared the anti-American and antisemitic content, propelling the document to viral status. The Guardian, acknowledging the increased circulation without the full context, opted to remove the transcript.

According to reports from Fox News Digital, a spokesperson for The Guardian stated, “The transcript published on our website 20 years ago has been widely shared on social media without the full context. Therefore we have decided to take it down and direct readers to the news article that originally contextualized it instead.” The outlet declined to provide additional comments on the matter.

Osama bin Laden’s letter, translated into English, justified al-Qaeda’s attacks against the U.S. by citing American actions in Palestine. The deceased terrorist accused the U.S. of supporting the creation and continuation of Israel, labeling it one of the “greatest crimes” that must be erased. Bin Laden’s letter also propagated antisemitic tropes, claiming Jews control American policies, media, and the economy.

The 9/11 attacks, orchestrated by al-Qaeda, resulted in the deaths of nearly 3,000 people and left thousands more injured. The letter’s resurgence occurred as it was shared by social media influencers on platforms like TikTok, with some expressing a change in perspective. Pro-Palestinian activist Lynette Adkins was among those who shared the letter online, prompting discussions and reflections.

The Guardian’s decision to remove the letter from its website underscores the sensitivity surrounding the content and its potential impact, particularly as young individuals across America engage with pro-Palestinian talking points. The episode has sparked debates about the influence of social media in reshaping perceptions and the responsibility of media outlets in disseminating controversial historical documents.

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