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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Defends Against Mainstream Media Attacks



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In a recent exclusive interview with Fox Business’s Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures,” Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the Democratic presidential candidate, fearlessly confronted the mainstream media’s unprecedented onslaught of criticism, drawing comparisons to former President Donald J. Trump’s treatment.

Kennedy revealed that despite the relentless attacks, his popularity among the American people remains high, surpassing other political candidates by a substantial margin.

Kennedy’s stance on government censorship and his advocacy for transparency and rigorous testing in vaccine authorization have made him a target for scrutiny from mainstream media outlets.

In addition, the media’s allegations of antisemitism against him following comments about the development of bioweapons by various countries, including the U.S. and China, have only added fuel to the fire.

In response to these allegations, Kennedy stood his ground, emphasizing that his statements were not conspiracy theories but grounded in factual research. He pointed to a 2021 paper from the Cleveland Clinic, which suggested that while COVID-19 was not deliberately created as an ethnic bioweapon, certain racial groups were disproportionately impacted due to the furin cleave docking mechanism configuration.

Furthermore, Kennedy reiterated that he never implied any deliberate actions by China or any other nation, stating that he merely highlighted the importance of monitoring the development of ethnic bioweapons across the world.

Despite the media’s relentless efforts to paint him in a negative light, Kennedy’s popularity has surged among the American electorate. The recent Harris Harvard poll, considered the gold standard of polling, indicated that Kennedy’s approval ratings surpassed those of other political candidates by an impressive 20 points.

Even more surprising, if the negative portrayal the media has against Kennedy were true his polling should meteorically show that he is highly unfavorable, yet, that isn’t the case. This has led Kennedy to express his astonishment at the American people’s ability to see through the media bias.

During the interview, Kennedy candidly admitted that if he were to believe everything written about him in the mainstream media, he would not vote for himself, assuming himself to be a despicable person.

Additionally, Kennedy recently spoke at a congressional hearing where he called out the democratic member of the committee for defaming him and attempting to censor him. The continued support he receives from voters demonstrates that they are willing to look beyond the media’s narrative and evaluate his platform on its merits.

Kennedy’s presidential campaign has remained resilient, despite the media attacks. Recent polling by Fox News shows him commanding 16% of the Democratic primary vote.

A Quinnipiac poll revealed that half of U.S. voters would consider voting for a third-party candidate, signifying a growing appetite for alternatives to the mainstream political landscape. It is highly unlikely that Kennedy would choose to run as a third party due to his reassessment that he will stay with democratic party to bring upon change and go back to the roots of the Kennedy democrat.

Kennedy’s unwavering commitment to running as a Democrat exemplifies his determination to bring progressive change from within the party. As the media continues its barrage, he remains resolute, expressing that he will not be swayed by baseless accusations or divert from his mission to address critical issues affecting the nation.

Across many social platforms such as Twitter talks of a possible Trump/Kennedy power duo running for office in 2024. This could be a huge victory in the U.S. to help bring the polarizing country we live in today back to a way of life where politics can be openly discussed despite the beliefs and political vies of one another.

Wether the two decide to run together or not both candidates look to restore the great nation we live in back to a sense of normalcy and destroy the woke ideology the far left has pushed onto the citizens of the United States.

They have vowed to help restore the fundamentals of a strong democracy, to bring back a strong working class, to end wars that are unnecessary which put us at risk of a potential nuclear fallout and to lead by example, bringing morals back to the United States and protecting the children.

As the 2024 presidential race unfolds, Kennedy’s tenacity in the face of media criticism and his growing popularity among voters make him a formidable contender to watch. The American people’s ability to discern fact from fiction amidst media narratives is a testament to the importance of grassroots support and an informed electorate.

With the political landscape evolving, Kennedy’s campaign continues to gain momentum, challenging the status quo and offering voters a fresh perspective on the future of the Democratic Party.

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BREAKING: Hunter Biden Found Guilty on All Three Felony Charges



hunter biden

Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, was found guilty on all three felony charges on Tuesday. After a six-day trial, a jury concluded that the first son lied on a federal gun-purchase background-check form by falsely claiming he was not a drug addict. The jury deliberated for three hours, starting Monday afternoon following the conclusion of closing arguments.

Hunter Biden was convicted on two charges for lying about his crack-cocaine addiction on federal gun paperwork when he purchased a Colt Cobra revolver on October 12, 2018. Additionally, he was found guilty of a third charge for possessing the firearm while addicted to crack cocaine.

According to National Review, the criminal trial exposed deep rifts within the Biden family. Hunter’s ex-wife, Kathleen Buhle, and his deceased brother Beau Biden’s widow, Hallie Biden, testified against him. This created an emotional divide within the family, especially when Naomi Biden, the eldest daughter of Buhle and Hunter, testified for the defense, pitting mother against daughter.

Federal prosecutors Derek Hines and Leo Wise led the case against Hunter Biden as part of special counsel David Weiss’s legal team. Throughout the trial, Weiss was present in the courtroom, often seen conversing and eating chocolates during breaks.

Prosecutors presented what they described as “overwhelming evidence” of Hunter Biden’s drug addiction at the time he completed the gun purchase. This evidence included witness testimony, text messages, videos, images, bank records, and excerpts from Hunter’s memoir. Key testimonies from Hallie Biden, gun salesman Gordon Cleveland, and ex-girlfriend Zoe Kestan were crucial in establishing Hunter Biden’s pattern of drug use and his decision to lie about his addiction.

Defense attorney Abbe Lowell argued that Hunter Biden’s behavior had improved around the time of the gun purchase, asserting that he did not “knowingly” lie on the federal paperwork. However, the testimonies of Kestan and Cleveland, along with Hunter Biden’s own admissions of drug use in texts and memoir excerpts, posed significant challenges to the defense’s narrative.

Throughout the trial, Lowell conducted extensive cross-examinations of the prosecution’s witnesses and disputed the context of the evidence presented. However, Leo Wise’s cross-examination of Naomi Biden, where he scrutinized her text messages with her father from October 2018, proved to be a pivotal moment, undermining her defense testimony.

Before the verdict, President Biden stated he would respect the jury’s decision and would not pardon his son if convicted. At the trial’s onset, President Biden issued a statement expressing pride in his son’s efforts to overcome his drug addiction.

Hunter Biden is scheduled to face another trial in September on nine federal tax charges related to his alleged failure to pay over $1.4 million in taxes over four years.

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